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    Hi all,
    I've started using Google Music on my PB (and teathered from by Curve) whist travelling to and from work on public transit. It's worked well, but the navigation in the BB Browser has been a bit of an irritant : scrolling can be choppy and cueing songs can be a challenge. Anyways, I've just found what seems to be a better way : using Simple Browser, and setting the user agent to Android, Google Music will appear just like it would on any Android phone. The menus, to me, are clearer and browsing music is easier. All in all much easier to use!
    Thought I'd pass it along.
    01-25-12 08:02 PM
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    Would you be able to elaborate on how you were able to access Google Music please?

    I downloaded SimpleBrowser (free version).

    In SimpleBrowser settings I set user agent to Android

    Google music still wont let me 'in' because it knows I'm in Canada.

    What am I doing wrong?
    01-26-12 09:28 PM
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    I signed up whilst in the States. This, however, is cheaper than a plane ticket

    How-to: use Google Music from anywhere (yes, outside of the United States) -- Engadget
    01-26-12 09:54 PM
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    I don't use google music, but have a question about simple browser.
    Is it a paid app, please?
    thanks so much.
    01-26-12 09:58 PM
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    Free SimpleBrowser - Download SimpleBrowser - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World

    There's also a paid version with more features. There should be a lengthy thread about Simplebrowser in the Apps section of the Forum
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    01-26-12 10:35 PM
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    01-26-12 10:36 PM
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    It's pretty awesome. If you use SimpleBrowser+, it lets you change the user agent, and you can get the different web versions of Google Music (full web version with flash music player or the one without).
    01-27-12 01:00 AM