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    I make use of many rules to re-direct my email into folders. I have always struggled to be notified on my PB for email which was re-directed to these folders as I always had to manual re-sync them.
    The PB user guide on p29 only tells you to tab the refresh icon as a manual step. Then I stumbled on the solution (my apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but a search did not find anything), so I hoped this will help many.
    Go into Messages. In top left, select icon (@ sign) for accounts. Select email account. At top select icon for folders. Scroll and tab the specific folder you would like to be auto synced. At the bottom, you will see an icon with 2 circled arrows. If you tab on that, your folder will from then on be auto synced.
    If you do not want a folder to be auto synced anymore, follow the same steps and select the icon again.
    This is on OS
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    09-27-12 09:29 AM
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    Thanks. But that's not very straighforward, I think. Right?

    09-27-12 10:07 AM
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    Thanks. But that's not very straighforward, I think. Right?

    Sorry, don't know what you mean.
    09-27-12 10:08 AM
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    Oh, I meant, it's a difficult way to find such a setting - well, I find it interesting that user needs to switch that ON first. RIM did a perfect job to hide that

    At least it's in the doc.

    I explicitly thank you again for sharing this knowledge.

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    09-27-12 10:33 AM
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    Got you. I wonder if this is only in the latest version. Would like if somebody on 2.0 can check this.
    By default the Inbox, Drafts and Send folders have the 'auto sync' icon, which let me to think there should be a way to turn it on for other folders. That's when I saw at the bottom you can turn it on for some other folders. Note that the 3 default folders cannot be turned off.
    09-27-12 10:39 AM
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    From earlier threads, I don't think 2.0 Messages app sees imap created folders.
    09-27-12 10:45 AM
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    In the moment I can just check my bada phone. The setting what folders to push (=auto sync) is right next to the general push switch. During setup a new account, you always pass by that setting and can make your mind up. IIRC, when setting up, the default was 2 of 4 folders were active, INBOX and one other (forgot it).

    So it seems to be common practice that not all folders are preset as "push it"

    09-27-12 10:49 AM
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    I must be missing something, I cannot see the synchronise icon. You say at the bottom. Can you be more specific? It sounds like a great time, sorry if I'm being daft
    09-27-12 11:09 AM
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    Some folders show it, some don't. Try selecting another custom folder and are you on OS 2.1?
    You do NOT need to scroll to see it.
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    09-27-12 11:14 AM
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    I don't see the icon with 2 circled arrows
    09-27-12 11:39 AM
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    Ooh it's one arrow in a circle then? It, must be the one that looks like a refresh icon. Cool, thanks
    09-27-12 12:32 PM
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    Are you running on an enterprise server? It does not show for a Gmail account.
    09-27-12 12:45 PM
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    I don't even know what an enterprise server is, but I am using a Gmail accout
    09-27-12 12:57 PM