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    If I installed OS2 Beta, and ran it as is, not doing anything else to it, run just as it is. Will I have any operation problems, especially in browser and web.Will it run without freezing up, etc..Running on wifi only.
    * Do these problems still exist on latest Beta OS2 release according to sticky?
    01. WPS activation through router didn't work
    02. Camera won't focus.'
    03. Bridge requires a workaround to use

    Thanks, Michaelaw

    Well, what the hey, I did Wipe, installed OS2B, so far, first 30 minutes, wifi hooked right up, the following work;
    Browser, camera, bluetooth, bridge. Accuweather works, AppWorld works, calculator works, Kobo books, Docs to go works, (I still don't see spell checker yet). BB News works, tethering through phone is working, password protection works,
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