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    It might just be me, but the closer to the release of or potential release of OS 2 we get the more the nay sayers and trolls seem to show up to down play any value it will offer. I am offering free advise here.
    Do Not Be Baited. Do Not Respond . They are not here to learn how to use there PB, be educated on its quality, or be a positive influence on this community. Let their threads die quickly.
    But be aware, there will be new users to the Playbook that will need our assistance and knowledge. Let us show them how great their experience with the Playbook can be.
    Take this for what it is worth.
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    02-11-12 05:55 PM
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    We do not need multiple threads discussing the trolls on CB in the playbook section.
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    02-11-12 05:56 PM