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    I have a friend who loves Apple products. Every time I mention wanting to get anything computer related, he starts pushing I-whatevers. I think he's probably a big reason why I now own a PC, a Acer netbook, a Kindle keyboard, a Windows 7 phone, and now a Blackberry Playbook. (I guess I'm a contrarian.)

    Well, he predictably mocked me for buying the PB. I mean, he was really against it - it's too small, it has no apps, RIM's going out of business, it won't be supported, how could they release it without email...blah di blah. Even after I told him I really liked it and that it works for what I want to use it for, he still thought I should return it and spend several hundred dollars more to get an Ipad. He even suggested that if I couldn't afford an Ipad, I should just get the Kindle Fire which is when I realized just how anti-Playbook he was since he actually recommended I get something non-Apple rather than keep my PB.

    Then, I took my Playbook over to his house and one of my friends brought her Fire as well. (I used the HDMI-out to play Need for Speed on his big screen and show our vacation photos. Which, of course, he poopoo-ed saying he could do the same wirelessly with his Ipad and his Apple TV. Well, I can go to anybody's house with a hi-def tv and share, how many people do you know with Apple TV?) After handling it, he finally grudgingly conceded that it wasn't that bad and he did end up preferring it to the Fire, but he still thought I should get an Ipad instead.

    Well, long story...uh...not quite as long as it could be, the next thing I know, he went out and bought one. He says he bought it just to watch video at the gym. Oookay. Then, I hear that he actually told a couple of our friends they should hurry and try getting a PB while it's still on sale because he had a hard time finding one - including the friend who already has the Fire.

    Of course, he still thinks I should get an Ipad. Sigh. But it makes me smile considering all the computer stuff he has rejected due to his Apple fanboy mania, what broke through his wall and is sitting next to his Mac mini, Macbook Air, Apple TV, iPad, iPod, and iPhone? Why it's a Blackberry Playbook.
    02-05-12 02:07 PM
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    It seems there are quite a few apple fans that love the playbook. Maybe they ain't so bad huh? LOL just kidding on that one..... ya know
    02-05-12 02:10 PM
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    see my sig
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    02-05-12 02:12 PM
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    To the OP... Glad to hear you are sticking to your guns on this... others are realizing the benefits too.

    Well done!
    02-05-12 02:35 PM
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    Good job! Nice to hear that story.
    02-05-12 02:52 PM
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    I think stories like this are actually just the tip of the iceburg. From what I've read and experienced myself, I believe this is a more common occurrence than what we see here in the small CB universe.
    02-05-12 03:09 PM