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    So my PlayBook charger finally went KA-PUUT! (Micro Charger Tip broke off). So I scrambled because I don't have a laptop and currently in search for one. My Z10 is amazing and I can do a lot and then some on it, but I needed another platform to do more things. It's 2am and wondered if WalMart had a cheap replaceable charger...in which the trip spelled failure. I thought I was screwed...then figured I'd check WallGreens and see if they could possibly sell something that could help. ALAS! I found a replacement To-Go charger for $6.00!! It was an opened/used-returned item and it's the very last one they had and returning it to the company was not a option...I bought it and now I'm currently charging my PlayBook and it's juicing up veeeeeerrry fast! From 10% to 40% within 10 min. Currently up to 89% after 35 min. Phew!!!

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    05-22-14 05:20 AM
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    Great! Nice to know Walgreen's come through in a pinch!
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    05-22-14 05:30 AM

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