1. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    I'm at a loss. When I'm bridged and click on the text icon, all I get is a white screen with a message that says "not found". I've deleted the tablet and added it back. I've deleted the bridge app and reinstalled. Nothing is working. Any suggestions?

    **There's another thread about this and we are both on Sprint. Could that be a coincidence or something more sinister.....?!?
    10-05-12 08:30 PM
  2. Rubarth12's Avatar
    Hi! I have the same issue that you do! White screen, not found! I have tried rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling the Bridge app on both my 9550 and 64 PlayBook! Please let me know if you find anything out about this issue, and I'll do the same!

    Thanks, Kavin L. Rubarth
    jamesharmeling likes this.
    10-05-12 11:40 PM

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