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    Ok so i love the app Tether and how it works flawlessly with my Blackberry to enable internet for my laptop.I have been waiting and waiting for Tether to release a version for the playbook and today i decided to do a little digging and found a program called connectify that enables your laptop to act as a mobile hotspot for other devices.So i gave it a shot and wouldnt you know it,i have my phone tethered to the pc via "Tether" the app/program and i have my laptop sending the connection out as a hotspot using Connectify! It works faster then my verizon mifi hotspot!! So if this interest you go give it a shot and you wont regret it.Connectify has a paid and free version and the free version works wonderful! I hope this helps someone as it did me. The connection speed on the Playbook is way better then i would have expected.
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    01-10-12 02:43 PM
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    This one is similar and would work with a Win 7 PC.
    Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 7 / 2008 R2
    01-10-12 02:48 PM
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    Awesome! That's handy to know.

    I don't always have my laptop with me though... still better than nothing.
    01-10-12 03:18 PM
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    Connectify works with both win7 and Mac i believe.I myself have win7 andnits working great and it all starts with my 9670's data.
    01-10-12 03:20 PM
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    awww, I was hoping I could use the phone wtih PB when I'm on the road. When I don't have my laptop with me.

    Keep us posted if you find something like that!
    01-10-12 06:12 PM