1. The Fuzz 53's Avatar
    Ever since I updated my Playbook to OS 2.1 and 9930 Bridge app to 2.1, my battery life has been horrendous. Since the update, both devices have been in constant communication as the communication arrow is going non-stop. It gets to the point where both of my devices die within 3-4 hours and my 9930 feels so hot that I can cook an egg on it. The constant communication arrow continues even when both devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network. There is only one email address from a BESX server on my devices. The only remedy I have found is to turn the bridge off.

    Any ideas what is causing this?
    10-17-12 02:01 PM
  2. Uncle Remus's Avatar
    Wow. That's certainly not right. I too have noticed a reduced battery life, but not that bad. I am always bridged to my Storm 2 and my "arrow" does not do that unless I am using it on wifi or the Verizon network. I don't believe that the activity arrow is active with just bluetooth (bridge) connection. Only wifi or your carrier's cell network. So it seems as though something must be constantly accessing a network when you're bridged, which seems like it would be something on the PB. I could be wrong.....even though that has NEVER happened.... Lol!

    When all else fails, a wipe and re-install may be the ticket....sorry for your troubles, but I'm sure there's a fix.
    10-17-12 02:12 PM
  3. zorecati's Avatar
    No problems here with my 9900 to 16g or 64g playbooks. Perhaps it's worth while to wipe the bt binding and start fresh.
    10-17-12 02:28 PM
  4. jhanks64's Avatar
    I have found the same issue when I have an ActiveSync account setup on the Playbook. It uses Bridge data service to sync when away from WiFi. The only way i get it to not drain the battery is to just use Bridge accounts.
    10-17-12 07:54 PM
  5. Matt J's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem as the OP....to the letter. My battery drain went from 2% per hour to over 4% per hour the moment I upgraded to OS and Bridge 2.1. I downloaded over 150 MB of "something" to my 9900 the day after the upgrade...no idea what. This has made my User experience horrible as I always have to recharge my 9900.
    10-20-12 04:26 PM

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