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    TenOne Fling (Imitation) Analog Joystick Review
    The analog joystick I purchased was from DealExtreme – it is basically a stick-on plastic sprung capacitive stylus. The “stylus” portion of Fling is held into place using a flexible plastic coil that allows it to move around in a 2cm diameter circle. It was designed for the iPad, but it works perfectly on the PlayBook.

    In the Box
    It’s a simple device, but you do get a small instruction manual and a little carrying bag for your Fling. The carry bag is made of a felt material – not the microfiber material some of the other bloggers were saying. The Fling is all plastic, so you won’t have to worry about it scratching your screen.

    In Action
    The Fling uses two suction cups to keep it in place on your screen. Since the PlayBook is so much smaller than the iPad, it takes a little finagling to get just right – most of the time you’ll have it stuck neatly to the left side of the screen.

    Once you’ve started your game and got it positioned properly, using the Fling is a breeze. The stylus glides nicely of the screen, and the coil spring provides good progressive feedback as you move towards the outer limits of its motion.

    There are a few minor issues with the Fling. Firstly, the coil design is that the stylus doesn’t move in a nice clean circle – more of an egg shape. Secondly, the Fling takes up a sizeable portion of the screen and can sometimes block on-screen controls. This was especially noticeable when playing Modern Warfare 2 since the crouch button was completely inaccessable without customizing the control layout.

    One of the things I did notice is that when you’re not pressing the pad down, it doesn’t actually register as a touch on the screen. This is a very good design that prevents accidental touches while navigating menus and it also allows the controls to re-centre while you’re playing the game.

    My first concern with the Fling was that it would block a lot of the screen on a 7” tablet. I can honestly tell you that when the action heats up, you won’t even notice it’s there. After about 5 minutes of play, my brain just filtered it out.

    The Fling is a great controller for anyone who plays N.O.V.A. 2, Modern Combat 2, Spiderman, DeadSpace, and any other FPS that comes out. Costing around $7 for the imitation ($20 for the “real Fling”) it’s definitely something worth considering.

    - Small, light and durable
    - Cheap (for the imitation anyways)
    - Clear plastic doesn’t really interfere with the game

    - Only useful for FPS style games
    - Not full circular motion
    - Will block the use of some in game buttons
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