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    I am currently in development with the pb and bb towards an app that will allow you to request a taxi with a press of a button on your phone. My initial program allows for an Internet request system. You requested a taxi, the app requests your gps coords, and a taxi is scheduled. The taxi has a playbook with the organization skills app, that sorts and sends them where they need to be. It is currently bridged to a bb in the cab and the bbm. When the 4G comes out that will eliminate the need for the bb bridge. I am currently wondering if a payment system via PayPal, visa ect would be a good improvement. What does the forum think? I would love to have input from taxi users.


    Btw, the 3 cabs I have also have a hotspot in the cab for customer use. This is surprising but has caused a lot of repeat customers

    ThaNks again

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    More power!!
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