01-15-12 03:04 PM
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  1. blue-b's Avatar
    You must have some huge jean pockets for a PB to fit in them. Especially when a case on it.
    He's a Canadian, my winter coat has a pocket that works with the pb with the rim convert. case.
    01-15-12 11:58 AM
  2. ralfyguy's Avatar
    He didn't say "Jean" pocket. He just said "Pocket". I took mine to work yesterday, and it fit nicely into my hoodie pocket and didn't even stick out. Except some added weight, couldn't even tell it was in there. The neoprene sleeve added some friction so it didn't even seem to wanna slip out of the pocket either. Like BBplaybookJS said, can't do that with an iPad.
    01-15-12 12:00 PM
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    Not sure what "techie" means. Has your uncle ever waded through the Flash API or tried to debug an issue where their plugin kept bringing down the browser he was writing?
    So because you had difficulty programming around Flash it sucks? Ok well that's good to know.
    01-15-12 12:18 PM
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    Again, they can using Puffin or Skyfire browser, both available in the app store and both run flash. And before you say it, how many people download alternate browsers for their BB devices?

    However I don't know of anyone who would want to play an intensive game like that on a tab. I loaded it on my touchpad and tablets simply aren't powerful enough to run it flash enabled or not.

    Of course I don't expect factual information to get in the way of your agenda so carry on.

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    That's no where near the same thing as saying the iPad supports Flash. I don't know about Puffin as I have never tried it, but I have used Skyfire and it is abysmal. Skyfire does not have flash, it directs you to their servers where the Flash is rendered and then streamed back to the browser. You complain about Flash's performance but suggest that the iPad's support Flash with this method which is going to make it worse. This then presents a another issue on the iPad which only further fuels the debate with users blaming Flash performance on this poor implementation. Yet in spite of it's problems and user complaints Skyfire still claims 10million users so I guess Steve was right iOS users don't want Flash and flash is dead. I should also add that Skyfire's solution also breaks end to end security as they decrypt SSL and though they encrypt it again when leaving their servers, it still violates end to end security and creates another potential vulnerability.

    The most that anyone can say it is in transition. Before people jump on the HTML 5 bandwagon saying that flash is dead and HTML 5 is the end all be all, they need to do a little reality check and go to the HTML 5 test site where they will find that despite several browser updates across the board for all web browsers since the introduction of HTML 5, there is not a single web browser that is fully HTML 5 compliant. Heck many browsers are not even fully HTML 4 compliant. It will take years before this occurs, by which time "the next big thing" takes over and we can start this debate all over again.

    Meanwhile in the transition stage Playbook and Android tablet users have a choice today as do IPad users albeit a poor one. This will serve us today and for at least another couple of years until web browsers are more HTML 5 compliant as well as when all Flash web sites are converted or until they have to do it again when the "next big thing" comes along. To add to the mix just as with Flash we will also see poor HTML 5 implementations as well so web technology dogmatism such as Steve Jobs adhered to does not fully serve us the users.
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    01-15-12 03:04 PM
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