1. Herve5's Avatar
    Hello, full newcomer here (Playbook not even delivered home!)

    I'm trying to find a how-to explaining the way to sync the PB calendar(s) to "not just the one on the PC".

    For instance, I use a (personal) webserver with various .ics files that are uploaded by various persons, to which I use to subscribe e. g. iCal on macintosh.
    I'd like to know how to similarly subscribe to existing .ics on the net (possibly through ordinary .htaccess web log/pass).

    Conversely, I'd appreciate to prepare a PB-local calendar and having it upload the corresponding .ics file automatically to a server, be it ftp, webdav or whatever reasonably non-private device.

    Thank you, and with apologies if the point is trivial!

    (I don't want to enter a philosophical discussion here, but I won't create a Google-specific calendar for instance: the very reason I buy a Playbook is to escape from Apple/Google tablets monopolies : that's not to fall back in their arms on day 1...)
    06-27-12 04:36 AM