1. grnnreg's Avatar
    Can Outlook Contacts and Calendar be synced to the PB with the same ease it is synced to a BB Torch?
    06-15-12 06:13 AM
  2. robsteve's Avatar
    No the Desktop software will not , you need to use a cloud based service such as Gmail or Office365 to do the sync.

    I played with a trial of Office365.com and the Enterprise subscription worked to sync the phone, Outlook on the PC and the PlayBook. You need to get the E plan, not the P plan to get the BlackBerry cloud services for the phone. The P plan will work with the PlayBook though.
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    06-15-12 06:59 AM
  3. grnnreg's Avatar
    Is there a technical reason for tbis, or is this an Exhibit why RIMM is trading for less than $11 per share? The email of my BB Torch and PB are synced, but the contact lists are not synced. This makes no sense to me at all.
    06-16-12 04:22 AM
  4. vvk7's Avatar
    I am able to sync my exchange mails and contacts but not the calendar. When I receive new meeting requests and I accept it from Playbook then it appears in Playbook, BB and PC. But when I accept it on PC it doesn't appear on the playbook even though it appears in BB phone. This means my calendar is syncing one way i.e. From playbook to PC but not from PC to playbook. Can someone advise what is going wrong?
    06-19-12 11:13 AM