1. Sergeant HCR's Avatar
    I use MediaMonkey 4 for my music and syncing to my iPod. I've been trying to sync it directly to my PB but no luck. But I did discover a trick. Perhaps someone may find it useful.

    First, I installed this addon to MM4
    Export M3Us/Create Playlists for Child Nodes (MediaMonkey Add-on)

    This does batch exporting of playlists as m3u files. I configured it to create the playlist file with proper file structures pointing to the mp3s. I also set it up to auto-export when closing MM. I export the m3u files to a folder within my music library. To configure, right click on 'Playlists'.

    I made sure my WMP points to the same library (as I don't use it for music). I opened WMP to make sure it detects/indexes the playlists that MM exported. And so it did.

    So I opened BDM and went to sync music and my playlists where there. Checked the ones I wanted and synced it. Sweet!

    The music app on the PB is really good too. Although the playlist avatars that are divided into 4 pictures had mixed up art. For example, one playlist was a single album with the songs having the same album art. But the playlist avatar shows some album art from another list. Not a big deal.
    02-07-12 06:24 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I ran into a problem a while ago but I may have screwed up the process. I also did not know about that plug in. My problem is that I keep all of my music in folders by either artist, composer or even album. So I have about 100+ folders on the pb (and on my computer, etc). When I tried creating one huge playlist of all my music (figuring I would then edit and create a series of separate ones), it moved all of my mp3's into one folder. My entire folder structure evaporated! YIKES!
    02-07-12 09:14 AM
  3. Sergeant HCR's Avatar
    It sounds like you needed to make one playlist in MM called ALL MUSIC as an example. Then go to the location of all your music where you have a 'All' folder that will likely list all your music in all your folders. Select all, and drag to the above playlist. Export as a m3u for WMP to pick up and and sync to the PB. From there, can you modify playlists on the PB? I haven't tried that yet. I'm not sure if I'm on the same page as you on your issue either. lol
    02-07-12 09:28 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    I'm a bit reluctant to mess with this again. What I was trying to do is create a sort of MASS template that would have all my mp3's in it. Then I could edit and sort to create a variety of playlists. Obviously, I was not sure of what would happen and when I attempted to carry it over to the pb, everything (for want of a better term) got smushed! My folder structure imploded and all mp3's were moved into the music root on the pb. (chuckling now but not then)

    I've since used Tag/rename to create individual playlists and will work on combing some of those.
    02-07-12 10:25 AM