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    I am SO confused - I have been on to the phone to my phone provider and I had to set them straight, and, I don't know whatI am doing!! I bought my Playbook first and set up the native calendar (and chose hotmail) - so I have this on my computer and on my playbook. Then I bought my smartphone9900 and, obviously, would like to be able to access this calendar on my phone, computer and playbook. I have read so many threads that my head is swimming about sync apps, GSyncIt, GMail, etc. that I now know less then when I started. So: (1) All my info is inputted on my Native Calendar(Hotmail) on my playbook - is there anyway to get this transferred to my phone? If not (2) how do I go about getting a calendar that works on all three and (3) am I better off (please not!) redoing my entire calendar on the native calendar on my smartphone and accessing that through the bridging on my playbook? I want to be able todo as much as I can and be successful at it!!! thank you so much.
    04-03-12 05:54 PM
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    I won't be able to help on your Hotmail sorry. I can confirm that my Gmail works across all three. At first I though the phone wasn't accepting updates but I found out that it just took a little longer on the phone. My story goes like this, if I update the appointment on the phone, it immediately updates the PB and PC. If I do it on the PC or PB it works immediately on the other but again the handset takes a while.
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    04-03-12 06:06 PM
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    So, how do I go about making sure that my Gmail works on all three - do I re-enter all my calendar dates on the computer and it automatically syncs with the Playbook adn phone?
    04-03-12 06:18 PM
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    Okay, let me clarify, by PC I meant gmail.com so that may be what they consider web mail, not really sure. For me, I added the gmail account to my 9810 and during set-up I made sure I was syncing Calendar, Contacts, everything. On the PB I added the same gmail account but turned off the "Sync Email". So on the PB only "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Calendar" are on.
    04-03-12 06:46 PM
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    04-03-12 06:49 PM