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    A lot of people seeks a solution how to send their addressbook and/or calendars to PlayBook.

    There is several solutions : yahoo & gmail ; already described here several times.

    So I write this post to describe an other solution, most of for the people who doesn't want send their private data in the yahoo, gmail... world

    Beside of, it's a solution that I use, now, everyday and works well !

    I use the project OwnCloud. OwnCloud is framework written in PHP (In fact, it's a website)
    that you can install on your computer (on a personnal server).

    OwnCloud provides several cloud services : webdav (files storage), carddav (for addressbook) and caldav (for calendars).

    In using some workarounds that I have published on my blog, you can set your accounts on PlayBook and, so, sync your PlayBook with cloud.

    The last step is set the carddav & caldav services with your mail clients (thunderbird, evolution...) A lot of clients support carddav & caldav implementation.

    At last, your addressbook & calendars stay synchronize without nothing to do

    PlayBook on the Cloud way | ProgWeb
    www.progweb.com Git - owncloud.git/summary

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    06-14-12 05:09 AM
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    Nicklas, will your PlayCloud app work with an OwnCloud server?
    11-11-12 03:09 PM
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    Nicklas, will your PlayCloud app work with an OwnCloud server?
    OwnCloud uses WebDAV protocol.

    PlayCloud 10 (for BlackBerry 10) implements and supports WebDAV.

    Beside of, I use OwnCloud to test my WebDAV implementation.

    Some info here :

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    11-11-12 03:22 PM
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    Only to say, that my workaround for PlayBook works also with BlackBerry 10 dev alpha device

    11-11-12 03:41 PM
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    Carddav doesn't work with current Playbook OS and Owncloud. One more reason to get BB10!
    05-18-13 03:58 AM