1. ithinkin10's Avatar
    Here's another "I read yesterday" thread. Sorry, search is failing me.

    I'm pretty sure I read something about switching from Bridge to WiFi failing. I have to reboot my PB when I want to connect to my WiFi.

    For example, if I'm not home I'm connected to Bridge. When I get home, I cannot connect to my WiFi unless I turn off BT on my phone and restart the PB. I thought the fix was to upgrade to software version 17xx but now I cant find any information on this.

    Can someone clarify? I don't think this is normal...
    04-21-11 01:08 AM
  2. Charles K's Avatar
    I had this problem yesterday but has since gone away. only thing I did was uninstall bridge and delete pairing. Then went thru playbook and scanned QR code to download and reinstall bridge app on phone. Redid pairing and today no problems. I have been connected to wifi and bridged at same time. Have left house and return to have both reconnect.

    Just a suggestion. Don't really know if that had anything to do with it or what.
    04-21-11 01:59 AM
  3. 2001bmw330xi's Avatar
    Somebody else suggested I think also clearing all of the saved wifi profiles you have on your phone. The playbook copies those from your blackberry. A member on here thinks that's what fixed it for him, letting it start from scratch.

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    04-21-11 02:57 AM