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  1. sam_b77's Avatar
    Why don't all of you log onto Blackberry Beta Zone and take the Playbook Survey.
    Trust me it's comprehensive and covers every requirement.
    Its best to tell RIM directly.
    11-02-11 03:09 PM
  2. ssbtech's Avatar
    Why don't all of you log onto Blackberry Beta Zone and take the Playbook Survey.
    Trust me it's comprehensive and covers every requirement.
    Its best to tell RIM directly.
    Yeh, that was worth my time...
    11-02-11 03:34 PM
  3. elle-ade's Avatar
    HELLLLOOOOO!?!?! Anyone?

    Were these suggestions ever forwarded to someone at RIM?

    So far we really know very little about what sort of improvements have been added to OS2. We know that they botched up the home screen UI, but there are a log of good suggestions in this thread that could be woven into the various apps on the PB for added functionality.

    So will OS2 feature the suggestions in this thread or have all the improvements been made to the back-end that we won't really see?
    Honestly, I get why people post suggestions here on Crackberry, but unless its being sent to the Playbook Project Manager...whats the point?

    You know where the Playbook Project Manager goes to get feedback? Blackberry Beta Zone. They have a Playbook thread where you can complain, ask about apps, suggest features/changes, the works.

    I may add this to my tagline...
    11-02-11 04:26 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Is the survey still alive? I got that same screen a number of days ago.
    11-02-11 04:32 PM
  5. pustyak's Avatar
    In a future Playbook, I'd like to see an SD card slot.
    11-02-11 05:35 PM
  6. JeepBB's Avatar
    In a future Playbook, I'd like to see an SD card slot.
    Never mind the "future Playbook", I'd like to see RIM implement at least some of the suggestions made in the previous 30-odd pages of this thread as updates to the current Playbook!

    Perhaps the CrackBerry Mods could wave the list under the nose of someone in RIM?
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    11-02-11 06:49 PM
  7. lgx22's Avatar
    Some were taken by CB members post, some were of course my idea as well, so here is it:

    A) Web browser:

    +Adding Microsoft silverlight for live streaming and for instance watching Netflix online
    +I'd like the option to organize bookmarks in the browser

    b) Apps:

    +sheets to go, enable copy paste excel cells
    +a Backup app that works
    +a google+ app that includes gmail, calender, etc etc (requires sign in)
    +more quality apps

    c) OS:

    +Ability to Customize PlayBook Tabs. Currently we are stuck with 'All', 'Favorites','Media', BlackBerry Bridge'
    +able to charge while typing or using PB smoothly
    +In landscape mode, make the keyboard keys ergonomic: closer to left and right, move some rarely used keys or special keys +in the middle. Then we could typing with thumbs same as portrait mode.
    +the video conference won't work. No mic, how to conference?
    +Keep blackberry apps world, while relying either on honeycomb or QNX. Apps world can be a seperate hub. Just like HTC's htc HUB. That way it'll value add the BBPB
    +future OS 2.2 collaboration with android 4.0 ice-cream sandwitch
    +Power consumption when on standby is rather high. I feel like I have to recharge it mostly for NOT using it! I don't know if +this is a general problem with all the playbooks, or if only some of them are affected
    +Bridge to any mobile phone

    d) Additional

    +Launch a contest for app developers with SUBSTANTIAL monetary prizes for the winners. For example the contest could ask for apps in different categories. The winner of each category would win $100K. The overall winner would win $1,000,000. Weighted opinion of users, developers, and RIM staff can rank the apps. A free playbook incentive is OK for one-man developers but doesn't do anything to entice well established developers of other platforms to develop for QNX.
    +Save the money on advertising and focus on saving the tablet!

    Will update again!
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    11-03-11 05:32 PM
  8. annamarialuann's Avatar
    Alot more free quality apps.
    Free sms texting app from playbook to cell phones.
    Improve battery life.
    Ability to organize bookmarks.
    Ability to create ones personal folders such as for docs and photos.
    LED light notification for emails.
    Auto spell check.
    Agree with everyone for all the many suggestions and would like to see those improvements implemented.
    Would like to see all these suggestions added to current playbook!
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    11-05-11 10:08 PM
  9. youngsoybean's Avatar
    Honestly I was used to Opera Mini on my BB since the browsing speed is rather fast especially using gprs(not 3G network). Now the native browser in PB cannot browse wap and some other special webpages. I hope it could improve.

    The sleep mode could be improved. In my opinion, the sleep mode should have a very little battery consumption, just close to power off. Otherwise now PB's battery drains so fast. Maybe different for soft click sleep and hard button to sleep?
    11-05-11 11:18 PM
  10. billgTO's Avatar
    Make the red power light come on as soon as the power button is pressed, not a second later. I usually need to try three or four times to turn on the PB, and I never know which try worked. Poor human factors design of the On-Off button!
    11-22-11 06:54 PM
  11. ssbtech's Avatar
    Make the red power light come on as soon as the power button is pressed, not a second later. I usually need to try three or four times to turn on the PB, and I never know which try worked. Poor human factors design of the On-Off button!
    Why not just swipe to turn on?
    11-22-11 06:57 PM
  12. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Make Bridge accessible across all platforms, iOS, Android, etc.
    SD card slot
    8/5 mgp cameras
    Simple Blue tooth to blue tooth connection with any printer brand.
    11-22-11 08:01 PM
  13. slalom's Avatar
    Need to be able to access App World while tethered. I don't have easy wifi access at home (its a long story) so I use my PB tethered all the time and App World won't work w/o wifi

    OK....Now I'm getting some experience on the PB. A couple of other suggestions:

    1. Bridged calendar - full functionality as on a BB. I can't mark an appointment "private" on the PB. Hard to believe with its computing power, it is less capable on some of these apps.

    2. Speed up the bridged browse. I use a tethered notebook at home connected to my 9810, and it is way faster than my PB tethered browser (on Telus).

    .....more to come
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    11-25-11 12:32 PM
  14. ungibbed's Avatar
    If one tiny thing I would love to see added to the current Playbook, is folders just like my Bold. Would help sort clutter instead of having to rely on tabs and the ability to crop the apps you may never use in a folder and hide it.

    Much like what I did with My Bold from T-Mobile.

    While thinking about this, one other feature for current Playbooks, I would love the ability to use alternate keyboards much like Android based phones. I love the HTC keyboard as long presses can not only add other lettering, but numbers and punctuation as well.
    11-25-11 12:51 PM
  15. ungibbed's Avatar
    Why not just swipe to turn on?
    Possibly means a full power down as opposed to standby.
    11-25-11 12:54 PM
  16. blackberrious's Avatar
    It would be helpful to have a "find on page" or search function in the browser (i.e. what CTRL + F does).
    Also, language writing input (like the iPhone / iPad) would be great. E.g. being able to write a Chinese character and have it recognize it to select the character.
    As mentioned before, ad hoc connection support or Bluetooth tethering with iPhones.
    12-02-11 09:05 AM
  17. alnamvet68's Avatar
    You can use your iPhone 4s as a wi-fi hotspot for tethering, and Bluetooth has to be turned on for it to do so; the negative here is that you will pay extra for tethering since you are prompted to sign up for an additional data plan if you wish to tether. For me, the Bridge function is one of the top 5 reasons for owning a PB.
    12-02-11 09:13 AM
  18. blackberrious's Avatar
    Unfortunately I own a iPhone 3GS which only broadcasts an ad hoc network and not an infrastructure network. The Playbook doesn't recognize this wi-fi hotspot
    12-02-11 09:18 AM
  19. pgerhard's Avatar
    thanks for this very long and scary list that obviously has fallen so far on dead ears (except the Wifi issue semi addressed in recent update)...

    or are all these fixes coming with OS2!

    for me the most important are:
    1- REALLY improve wifi connectivity
    2- BBM groups support in bridged BBM
    3- video app: erase recent history!
    4- photo app: share on FB, Tw, email etc pictures (duh!). generally same options of sharing as on BB
    5-attachement in email software: support folders of pictures, or at least display the newest pictures on top!!!
    6- video player: support DRM files - for instance digital copies from DVDs/BRs

    7- Place the @ sign on main keyboard page at all time
    8- favourites should have folders

    9- Streaming audio support (A2DP)
    10- Auto launch apps when app is docked (for instance BUZZ alarm or music)

    11- twitter native app or even better: Tweetdeck (blaq is ok but still a lot to improve)
    12- Linked in native app (professional grade blah duh)
    13- facebook app support page, events
    14- let BB app run on PB through an emulator, either in original size of enlarged. For instance my Banking app has not been converted to PB but I am sure it would run and scale very well on it.... that shoudl have the done before thinking to create a droid emulator...

    14- Power button- to small, two impractical
    15- Make screen bigger (bezels don't need that big)
    16- Throw Bing Maps in the trash where it belongs, and bring it the app everyone uses: Google Maps at any cost!
    17- I want a labyrinth game like the ipad that makes use of the gyroscope (where you have a metal ball that needs to get at the end of a circuit)
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    12-02-11 03:59 PM
  20. nubTard's Avatar
    UI/APP Tray(?):

    -let me delete all the apps, including Bing, Weather, Music Store,and especially Youtube.. why would i use an app when i can go to the website? especially one that doesn't let me see my favourites or make use of any of any of the functionality that i use youtube for.

    -let me remove or change the headings on the app tray. i dont want any games, so i don't want to see a games tab.

    APP World:
    -let me delete deleted apps, i deleted NFB and will be forced to see it for the rest of time.

    -let me set up app world to filter out paid apps and games. i doubt i will install any apps, but if i didn't have to see games i'd be slightly more likely to.


    -the obvious multitasking in background tabs, but i dont have much of an issue with having a second browser to hold my youtube (makes it easier to access like that anyways)

    -allow me to identify as NOT being a mobile device (browser masking, whatever). mobile websites are always a side project to the main site and as such will never provide the experience that the main site will, the screen is big enough to see and use any website (obviously not all, but most of the common ones) so there is no reason i should have to use a second class version of the website i want to go to.

    -obviously getting Google Maps to work over browser would be great (from what i've read elsewhere that has been fixed with OS 2.0)
    12-28-11 02:38 PM
  21. slickvguy's Avatar
    It would be nice to have "keyboard macros", a way to store commonly used text (like your e-mail address). Certain phrases and text that you use frequently. Would really cut down on the tedious nature of entering certain information - especially when you first get your PB and visit websites/login the first time (cookies).
    12-31-11 12:14 AM
  22. DoctorNeutron's Avatar
    I have posted my concerns in a somewhat negative thread entitled "Flaky WiFi or Screen Tap Time Interval". Basically we can surf to a website we really like and visit alot and then place a launcher right on our PB's screen - a wonderful tool for me. This facility can get into conflict with the other facility of highlighting an icon and maintaining contact with it until the whole screen starts "breathing" signaling edit mode for this icon. It has been my experience that just a tap of the launcher icon evokes an instance of the Browser, but it may just sit there (because of sequence, timing, or security issues?) because the address has not been properly communicated to the Browser instance. So, if I repeat my launch with just the right period, I get tone.

    Additionally, I may have seen this behavior when I tap on a link while surfing.

    I am vaguely aware of the security issues surrounding this discussion, but I have no practical experience in this area. Certainly for the case in which I am tapping my PB screen QNX can use this added info. For the in the raw surfing case, I certainly sympathize.

    The crude fix would be to increase the period before icon edit mode is entered.

    RIM: please investigate and fix if my observations are correct !

    Doc Neutron
    01-06-12 12:23 PM
  23. klinton's Avatar
    The app is woefully simple and needs these standard PDF features added ASAP:

    1. Search/Find - desperately needed
    2. Bookmarks - desperately needed
    3. Annotations
    4. Authorisation

    It's difficult to understand why Adobe excluded these basic features from Playbook!

    01-18-12 11:14 AM
  24. reyger's Avatar
    Please enable ad hoc connection!
    01-19-12 01:22 PM
  25. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    Dont know if any of this was mentioned in the pages of this thread, but...

    I would love...
    scroll bar (I noticed it in the .7111, and it's nice to see, but can't utilize it) and the ability to hold caps, like on the device, until you change it.
    01-19-12 01:30 PM
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