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  1. arteekay's Avatar
    A mute button.

    Time & battery indicator at top of all windows
    There's a mute button between the volume keys, hold it for a second to have it switch off/on.

    Swipe from the left top corner towards the center to pop out the status bar for time and battery status.
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    04-24-11 02:03 AM
  2. meltbox360's Avatar
    I would very much like a better power button, already seeing some failing buttons on the forum. Very worrying.
    04-24-11 02:47 AM
  3. Cleanton's Avatar
    It would be great if I would be able to sync or import my bookmarks and bookmark folders from my blackberry phone.
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    04-24-11 05:26 AM
  4. JustAnotherBeerbot's Avatar
    I really like these suggestions, some of them would be truly amazing. Hopefully RIM will listen and take these seriously.

    I have several suggestions, but one that is really important, almost a deal breaker.


    When zooming content on any webpage, the text gets larger but the margins do as well. This then requires left and right, back and forth scrolling to read the text. This makes reading utterly ridiculous. Let me illustrate:

    So what you're asking for essentially is an "increase text size"-type gesture? Or a zoom-in-but-reduce-effective-screen-size one? Agreed, that would be handy.
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    04-24-11 05:49 AM
  5. digdah's Avatar

    The ability to scroll using the bezel to avoid inadvertently clicking on those very annoying ads.

    A gesture on the top/bottom bezel that would mimick hitting the back/forward button.

    Maybe not directly from RIM but a way to block these annoying ads. Screen real estate is precious enough without them.


    Someone needs to figure out what causes the browser to close out when using it with other apps. In my particular case it always crashes when listenening to an audio podcast trying to browse as well.

    Otherwise I'm loving it!
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    04-24-11 09:57 AM
  6. sleepngbear's Avatar
    Add a trackpad. It's a BB staple, and I really, really miss it from all my years using BB phones, especially when trying to pinpoint text to select for cut-and-paste.

    Add a Sleep option to the soft Power Off button, which will negate any issues with the physical on/off button.

    Add ability to access media files on the internal or card memory of a bridged BB phone.

    Add a robust FILE MANAGER APP!
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    04-24-11 10:58 AM
  7. mikelinton's Avatar
    Most of my suggestions have been covered in other posts, so won't bother repeating all of them. But here are a couple I don't think were mentioned that I think would be great and a few repeats.

    1. Allow WiFi tethering between your PlayBook and BlackBerry. Why limit it to BlueTooth only when both devices have WiFi radios that are much faster than BT for data. Ideally this would also work for Bridge and the Browser etc. It would likely speed up communication significantly and address the lag issues many people have mentioned. Plus likely better range.

    2. Status LED - it comes on when i turn my PB on, but does nothing otherwise that I can see. Be nice to have it flash when you have Email or other alerts.


    1. Arrow keys in the keyboard - it would make navigating individual words much easier, especially with the current operation for spell check/auto correct.

    2. A keyboard option where you can have common symbols accessible without going to the SYM key. ' ( ) ? ! " @ Should be all available on the main keyboard with a hold-press or shift-press like on a standard keyboard. I get why they are not currently accessible, to keep the buttons large, but would still be nice to have that option.

    3. Bridge needs to allow you to copy any file format from email or elsewhere on your BB. If you can open the format you should be a able to transfer it.

    4. Auto correct and dictionary across all apps and parts of the OS - if you are entering text it should be able to suggest corrections and fix punctuation like in BB OS 6.

    App World:

    1. Needs a back button on the purchase screen - it is annoying you can't return to your previous search or whatever category you were in after you download an app.

    Think that is it for now.
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    04-24-11 11:08 AM
  8. pbfan's Avatar
    for a web page when they are set to disabled in Options. Remember user settings for web sites so that one can disable these as default but enable them for selective sites.
    04-24-11 11:45 AM
  9. SyChO_X's Avatar
    I plan on using my baby to surf and watch videos and i find the codec/video type support is lacking. With our gorgeous screens we should be able to play back divx HD and MKV files!!! please!!! Make this a multimedia beast!!! Also looking forward to watching Netflix and playing plants vs zombies!!!

    32gb owner.
    04-24-11 11:53 AM
  10. Fonz0's Avatar
    Most of mine are above- Especially the use WiFi for bridging, but here are a couple more:

    HW- Use PB as BT Speaker Phone/Headset- It is already paired over BT.
    HW- more volume out of the headphone jack. Have bose quiet comfort 2 headphones and the vol is too low.
    HW- the upward swipe gesture is not ideally configured. I go to swipe up to move the screen on a web page and the PB thinks I want to minimize the APP. This happens even if I do not touch the bezel.

    SW- Bridge or make PB versions of BB Travel and Traffic.
    SW- Bridge SMS and MMS- this seems obvious and hugely beneficial.
    SW- Filters and settings in Bridge- Fliters like show Unread only. Alerts customizable- From Specific Person etc.
    SW- love BB bridge but can you implement an offline email tool? I want to write emails even when unpaired/unbridged and have them send later when bridged- like on a plane for example

    OS- User account for Guest that can be limited to media only access- I want to loan my PB to my family for trips so they can watch movies etc, but do not want any other features accessible
    OS- split audio and video: selectable audio from any multitask window. i want to play nfs but listen to my own soundtrack. or surf while listening to a podcast
    OS- needs wav file support
    OS- Multiple WorkGroup profiles for file sharing- I use my PB at Work and at Home
    OS- Keyboard needs to have PC keys like F1- F12- We use LogMeIn with remote PC's and sometimes the back button is coded as an F key.
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    04-24-11 11:55 AM
  11. mpjheating's Avatar
    Universal Search! cmooonnnn
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    04-24-11 12:01 PM
  12. frfghtr's Avatar
    Suggestions to RIM for Playbook improvement.

    Web browser:

    1-Multitasking within web browser is missing, so you cannot listen to live streaming of radio in one tab and browse in the second tab, it is a VERY BIG THING for a device that can do real multitasking!!
    And it does it very well.

    Go to: General, Application Behavior, select Showcase.

    All open applications are active and never pause in the background.

    Your welcome.
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    04-24-11 12:44 PM
  13. asherwiin's Avatar
    Most of my suggestions for improvement have already been listed. Rather than make a redundant post, i've 'thanked' the first post that contained the suggestion in question. Suggest that this idea be added to the original instructions, to help keep the list manageable. it will also serve as a rough means to establish the priority of the enhancements -the more 'thanks' the broader the demand for the enhancement in question.
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    04-24-11 12:46 PM
  14. sleepngbear's Avatar
    And one more thing:

    Make the phone's SMS accessible via Bridge.
    04-24-11 12:58 PM
  15. D.Vader's Avatar
    App World... When browsing through apps it doesn't show me which ones are already installed like it does for iOS or Android Market.
    You can view your downloads in MyWorld.

    The ability to charge the PB while shut off.
    I am pretty sure mine charges when its turned off.

    I would very much like a better power button, already seeing some failing buttons on the forum. Very worrying.
    I think people are over pushing it, there is a slight delay when the unit comes on. I have big hands and no issues with the power.


    RIM Business...

    You guys should really have nearly a 24/7 task force dedicated to getting Apps on the marketplace.

    Once we start getting various Apps, please start delisting the crap applications, some of them are embarrassing compared to Droid and iPhone Apps. BlackBerry will never catch up in sheer number of apps, but that doesn't mean we can't ask for quality.


    Where is the universal search? One of the coolest features on my Torch is not on the PlayBook.

    Anything that works on a BlackBerry should work on a PlayBook, at this point I don't think we are quite there yet.

    RIM App Interface...

    RIM Applications should have the same look and feel, so far this isn't the case between BB App World, Music Store and the PodCast Application.

    PodCast Application...

    Seems to be very similar to what I have on my torch, but I see no way to add my own Podcast RSS feeds. Also when people add a feed, what is preventing these feeds from being presented to the rest of BlackBerry Podcast users? The more content the better overall.

    Web Without Limited Ad Campaign...

    Either this needs to be reanalyzed as your tagline for PlayBook or you got to get sites like Google (Maps is terrible on Torch), Hulu, Netflix, UStream, Justin.tv, etc. to play well with the PlayBook. I really don't understand why RIM wasn't prepping these entities with information on playing nice with the PlayBook since they were advertising web without limits. I wasn't all that annoyed with the lack of apps until I figured out that none of these sites were working. I got a few internet radio sites working (Pandora).

    More Robust Bridge...

    Perhaps there could be specific bridge capabilities brought to BlackBerry apps.

    Reinvent BBM for PlayBook...

    Since BBM is missing I am expecting big things here. What I would like to see (minimally) is Audio/Video support, honestly at this point in the game if BBM is going multi-platform they should be adding 4-square style check ins (perhaps integrating with 4-square and FB checkins), maybe some Who's Here functions as well (be able to pull up check ins for people in a certain radius and say HI).

    Additional Virtual Keyboard Options...

    Add BlackBerry Classic, also what would be really great is a custom keyboard overlay for Flash Games on the web. Right now I am limited to games that use the mouse to touch areas on the screen, a custom keyboard overlay that was a reduced keyset for up, down, left, right, action 1, action 2, action 3... etc.

    Additional Menu Areas...

    We are limited to All, Favorites, Media, Bridge. If we can't add more how about optional Bookmarks, Applications, Social (IM and Social Networking Apps)... How about some icons for each heading as well with the option to have text, icons, or both.

    Custom Home Screen...

    Make it widgetable or have some kind of hooks for applications.

    Application Audit...

    This would be great for all BlackBerry devices, an application that will run an audit log on an application you are not sure of. All apps seem to want access to everything on my phone, I should have the ability to Sniff where these apps send my data. This would allow for a level of transparency that is missing from Applications at the moment. I once paid for a flash light application that needed access to my contacts and my net connection, needless to say I deleted the application without giving it permissions.
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    04-24-11 01:37 PM
  16. luqman24's Avatar

    - When you search a song in your library and play it one of them from the search list, only the songs from that list will play whenever you hit the next song. E.G lets say i search for a song and 20 come up, it will only play those 20 songs unless you play a song without searching.

    - I would like it to be on shuffle everytime i go back to the music app, seems to deselect shuffle everytime i close the app.
    04-24-11 01:59 PM
  17. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Autocomplete, spellcheck, no crashing, skype, silverlight, more streamlined music player, fix bridge, battery life, folders for videos (better file management in general), more options, bigger menus, more customization

    Just to name a few
    04-24-11 02:15 PM
  18. sportline's Avatar
    magazine subscriptions/newsstand like zinio would be nice.
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    04-24-11 02:36 PM
  19. snowwolfedr's Avatar
    Firstly, just want to say that I really like the Playbook. Great piece of hardware that will improve with some updates. As a blackberry user i find the whole bridge concept really attractive to me. I understand what others are saying about the shortcomings, but I like it.

    My suggestion for a hardware improvement (and I know this isn't very original) would be a keyboard, trackpad and additional batter similar to the ASUS Transformer. Physical keyboard and trackball/trackpad is a RIM trademark and with the additional battery it would get the specs up beyond some of the competition. Of course it would boost the price (I think ASUS is charging $150 extra for it), but just something I think would be a good add on.

    A regular Blue tooth keyboard will pair with the playbook

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    04-24-11 02:37 PM
  20. djdurance#CB's Avatar
    1) Support for office 2007 and up files
    2) Attachments editable through the bridge
    3) Support for Zip files
    4) File browser
    04-24-11 05:41 PM
  21. pabash's Avatar
    Web Browser:
    (1) The issue of multitasking within the browser has been addressed, but I want to add some clarification.
    It has been pointed out that:
    "Multitasking within web browser is missing, so you cannot listen to live streaming of radio in one tab and browse in the second tab, it is a VERY BIG THING for a device that can do real multitasking!!"
    From my tests, this is a correct statement. It is true that if one streams audio or video in a browser tab, then switches to an app outside the browser, one can still hear the audio. However, if one opens or switches to another tab in the browser, the audio/video stream stops playing. Please implement real multitasking within the browser.
    I have found one exception to the above behavior. When I play a video in the New York Times website, I continue to hear the audio from this video when I go to another tab in the browser. What I want to do,e.g., is stream Pandora in one tab and read the NYT in another tab. This does NOT function now.

    (2) While streaming audio, e.g. NPR radio live stream or Pandora, in the browser, the stream stops when the PB standby time out occurs. What should happen is the screen should go black to save the battery, but the audio stream should continue. The correct behavior occurs when playing music in the music app. That is, the PB goes into standby. but the music continues.
    04-24-11 05:45 PM
  22. eds817's Avatar
    Native printing from all programs: email, browser, Docs2Go apps, etc. I did read where Cortado is working on their Workplace app but a native one would be nicer.

    The ability to charge the PB while shut off.
    You can view your downloads in MyWorld.

    I am pretty sure mine charges when its turned off.
    Not according to the Playbook user guide on page 28
    04-24-11 05:46 PM
  23. tking213's Avatar
    I find I am having trouble scrolling down on websites without accidentally clicking on some damn advertisement that takes me to a whole new page I don't want to go to, such as when I am reading newspapers. I know there isn't a whole lot of real estate on the active screen, but maybe widening the scroll bar a bit?
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    04-24-11 07:11 PM
  24. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    I find I am having trouble scrolling down on websites without accidentally clicking on some damn advertisement that takes me to a whole new page I don't want to go to, such as when I am reading newspapers. I know there isn't a whole lot of real estate on the active screen, but maybe widening the scroll bar a bit?
    Not sure whats up with this... Its almost as if, once a flash ad registers the touch, even if you swipe, it will register as a touch. Its seriously annoying scrolling with my right thumb on crackberry haha
    04-24-11 07:35 PM
  25. tonywonder's Avatar

    The ability to create further tabs to place the applications in. The current "All", "Favourites", "Media", "Games" and "Bridge" is not sufficient to categorize and organize the events. Even having only 30 apps makes it tedious and slow to scroll through them to find what you are looking for.

    i agree there should be some sort of folder creation and tab creation to manage the apps. maybe just being able to customize the tabs and also to create folders to place apps in would be good. should be designed well for a better UI experience.

    this comes from having seen the ipad 2 folder functionality. the idea works great and the design a ui function is great.

    a swipe password unlock would be cool. as an option to having to type in the password to unlock the PB. adding the ability to hide the dock like OS 6 would be great.
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    04-24-11 08:16 PM
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