09-08-13 04:01 PM
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  1. jutleys's Avatar
    wifi scaning times are to frequant 10sec aprox this needs to be relaxed abit its eating battery power blackberry please sort this out to 120sec scan interval
    07-04-11 08:42 PM
  2. Prey521's Avatar
    wifi scaning times are to frequant 10sec aprox this needs to be relaxed abit its eating battery power blackberry please sort this out to 120sec scan interval
    Or at least give you a manual scan option so that it isn't always scanning.
    07-05-11 09:00 AM
  3. gaoxing84's Avatar
    1) Bluetooth Tethering
    2 incidents happened to me.
    first while i was tethering on bluetooth, once the browser hang and the icon seems to be faded and i can't open it again.
    second, the bluetooth connection lost on its own and power off, tried to power it on but it doesn't seem to work so i have to restart the machine.
    Improve stability of tethering
    Able to remember and set default for main tethering profile instead of choose carrier again once playbook is being restart

    2) OS
    Implement better use of copy and paste
    Include auto correction like how the blackberry mobile does
    Change the keyboard layout for punctuation
    Able to add new folders in menu interface
    Native standalone calendar instead of BB bridge calendar only
    Search function

    3) Apps

    MSN messenger

    4) Camera
    ability to auto focus

    5) Browser
    stability of flash player on browser (can't seem to load cafe world without maximizing it)
    improve loading speed
    ability to highlight links that are being "clicked" on to ensure that its being registered
    easily tab switching

    6) Interface
    ability to swipe across screen to sleep mode
    improve overall screen responsive

    7) Blackberry Bridge

    faster loading time
    able to hide bridge icon when not connected

    hopefully most of them will be done in the near future.
    Playbook is full of potential with a better and improved Operating System
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    07-06-11 01:26 PM
  4. mikedj72's Avatar
    App Store

    After my PB purchase this week, I purchased a good 60 - 70 apps. Workout journal was 99 cents, but now there is an update wanting another $1 to update. This is crazy!

    I'm 500 apps deep on the Ipad and 75 on the Xoom, this is not the way it works there. The holiday weekend had the 99 cent sale for EA games and I purchased each from their brand that I did not have. Some are now near $10 off sale, I will not be expected to pay the $9 if Electronic Arts fixes a bug and publishes an update.

    I'm begging that RIM is working on changing this rule in the store.
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    07-09-11 09:59 PM
  5. chiefbroski's Avatar
    A few bugs I noticed that would be nice if ironed out

    -Keyboard doesnt stay on screen sometimes when loading a webpage
    -App update notifications don't go away after a restart and seem useless
    -Apps that were free and now charge show up as an update that can't be installed.
    -Screen messes up in browser when rotating the playbook sometimes
    -Tabs in browser have trouble staying rendered sometimes
    07-09-11 10:30 PM
  6. house78's Avatar
    The next update should include sms, file organizers, ability to answer calls, spell check, faster bridge connection, continued improvement in browser speed, improved gps, and better keyboard functionality. I'm enjoying my playbook and looking forward to the improvements. I'm not a heavy app user and I feel that the focus for the playbook should be on the foundation or core system and add from there. Personally I think the hold up on the update is the android app player.
    07-10-11 10:34 AM
  7. tamcon's Avatar
    add the following to the on screen keyboard.

    1. add the "@" symbol to the main keyboard screen.

    2. add cursor arrows so the cursor can be moved with arrows. trying to touch the screen to move the cursor is often difficult for editing email and other docs.
    07-10-11 12:49 PM
  8. NursingNinja's Avatar

    add a trackpad, it would help alot with editing.


    As I understand it the frame of the pb is touch sensitive too. Add a digital trackpad over the blackberry label below the screen, or better yet in any consitent location in relation to how the device is oriented.
    07-12-11 07:29 PM
  9. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    Some consistency, if not better control over media. New pictures I take show up at the top of the gallery, new videos I take show up at the bottom of its gallery.

    Also, a hardware override for the Alarm Clock. I should be able to silence it with one of the top buttons and not have to unlock it to make it stop.
    07-12-11 08:42 PM
  10. DrRambone's Avatar
    My wish list:
    Native email, calendar, contacts
    USB host
    Full BT support
    True mass storage mode
    Android apps support
    Multi language support
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    07-13-11 02:32 AM
  11. anon(3921355)'s Avatar
    Something for the enterpises.

    I want Sharepoint integration. Not only a simple client but only a client that will work over bridge mode.
    07-13-11 08:21 AM
  12. Morten's Avatar
    add the following to the on screen keyboard.

    1. add the "@" symbol to the main keyboard screen.
    IF developers properly use the API's - the keyboard layout would automatically change to proper settings in the different input fields. Like when filling out a multi-field form, the "Next" key would reveal on the keyboard and act as a "Tab" key, and when filling e-mail or web addresses - the "@" would be on the main layout etc.. .

    Some apps already do this - but unfortunately currently not many serious apps exist for the PB - and from the looks I doubt that many "serious" or professional developers have launched anything..... yet... not even RIM's own boundled apps
    07-13-11 09:33 AM
  13. xandermac's Avatar
    Bluetooth or WiFi file transfer from BB to Playbook memory.
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    07-13-11 10:31 AM
  14. walcolm's Avatar
    BBM groups to show up in PB when bridged
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    07-13-11 12:25 PM
  15. walcolm's Avatar
    Blackberry bridge to port all apps from BB to PB not just the native BB apps so the PB can become a complete extension of the BB once bridged
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    07-13-11 12:28 PM
  16. knightfall's Avatar
    I've owned my PB since Saturday. Here is what I've come across so far. I apologize for "repeats". It's a large thread.

    - Sometimes when I use BB Bridge to write and email, or type in BBM, the keyboard will not come up when I tap in a text field. I have to close and reopen the App.

    - My Torch has a password. It is fine that it will ask me if I don't use it for a few minutes. But only at random points will I get a second screen asking for the password again before I can proceed. (See attached screen capture.) Entering it in twice does work. But why do I not always see this screen?

    - Blaq is fantastic. But the native Twitter app would have been nice.

    - Facebook native App doesn't appear to support Groups. Minor, but would be nice. Facebook in the browser is near perfect, so I use that in a pinch.

    - Facebook doesn't help out with typing. i.e. Double tapping spaceball doesn't create a period. And therefore, an automatic capital letter isn't present for the beginning of the next sentence.

    - The notifications in the top left while Bridged do not update well at all. At this moment, it is telling me I have 4 BBMs, and 1 email. All is clear on my phone, even the status updates have been cleared. (Speaking of which, status updates cannot be seen, or cleared on the PlayBook.) I had even disconnected Bluetooth, and reconnected.

    - Spell check appears to be fine, but I don't see how to add words it thinks is wrong. Also no options to replace the word like on my Torch. Should this be here for a tablet? PC/Mac doesn't do that unless in Word, so I'm not sure what the correct train of thought is here.

    - If I use the Bridge Files app, I can only see document type files on my Torch (.doc, .pdf, etc.) as well as .jpg files. I believe this is to be fixed, but I don't remember seeing a credible source stating as such.

    - BBM groups do not show up. Curious if this will be integrated eventually.

    - Just something to note for the next PlayBook model if one ever comes out - I finally had my first encounter with the power button. Even my girly fingers couldn't turn it on easily. I see what all the negativity towards this is about.
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    07-14-11 02:04 PM
  17. stevedee's Avatar
    I see all kinds of suggestions, I would like to see an alternative to the power stand that incorporates pass-through for the micro-USB and micro-HDMI so if using the power capabilities your external capabilities are also available without trying to fight with the connection points.

    And there is a sweet video out there of a police car application that shows a very nice BT keyboard with built-in trackpad, and I want it!
    07-15-11 03:28 PM
  18. 1987.cat.b's Avatar
    Hardware: Add Real Button Thumb Keyboard

    When the Ipad was being released, one of the big criticisms was that it was just "a big iphone." Well, obviously that's what people wanted and the ipad has been hugely successful.

    BB: instead of trying to be like apple and all the other touchscreen manufacturers, why don't you make a playbook that is really just "a big blackberry" -- "real button" qwerty keyboard, pointing device and all?

    Personally, I find using touchscreens frustrating and impractical for use in business. I'm constantly hitting the wrong keys and I need a pointing device. I can't afford typos and i can't use a touchscreen to meaningfully edit an excel spreadsheet, word doc, powerpoint, etc.

    So, put a small (think blackberry smartphone size) real key thumb keyboard on the bottom of the PB so when you are looking at the PB in portrait mode you have a thumb keyboard and a pointing device. Because there is extra real estate there, you could add a 10 key on the right, a ctrl key on the left and cursor up/down/left/right keys too.

    YES, this will make the PB not as pretty as the Ipad or other competitors, but I've found as of late that manufacturers are trading function for form. This would be a great way for rim to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    YES, there are or will be separate bluetooth keyboards available, but who wants to remember/lug one more thing on a business trip? And if you're editing something on the go, who wants to bust out a keyboard?

    I know I'll get a lot of criticism for this post, but c'mon guys, admit it: one of the reasons we like the blackberries so much is because they are so practical and one of the reasons that is so is because we get a keyboard/pointing device. Obviously the touchscreen functionality is still good and I'm not saying to get rid of it, I'm just saying that there should be a real keyboard, similar to the way the blackberry bold touch is going to have both a real thumb keyboard and a touchscreen.
    07-17-11 03:15 PM
  19. Scrapegoat's Avatar
    Picked up my 64gb Playbook last weekend and loving it as a media consumption device in general. I see most suggestions here cover most of the Playbook shortcomings I have identified so far, and then some....

    Adobe Reader As a teacher, I have many text books scanned to PDF and using Acrobat on my laptop, I have embedded many .mp3 and .swf sound and video files onto pages within the PDF files. I have also created links to pages within the PDFs and also to outside files.

    As of now, I see all these links and media icons on the pages, but can't utilise them. I would like to see the PDF/Adobe reader functionality increased so that these embedded media icons can be utilised. Perhaps there are already apps available for this?

    These are my main needs for now along with my support for all the other suggestions made to date.
    07-20-11 10:50 PM
  20. melb_me's Avatar
    We need a searchable drug database and interactions program. I emailed WebMD and Epocrates. Here is a reply from Epocrates:
    Response Via Email (David McEntee) 07/21/2011 09:53 AM
    \ Good day Mr. ******,

    Thank you for contacting Epocrates.

    At this time the BlackBerry PlayBook has not been tested and it is not supported by Epocrates. We may consider future support so please continue to check our website for updated information.

    Please let us know if you require further assistance. /

    Any Medical People here mind nagging these guys too? Playbook is just the right size to carry around.

    The Medcalc 3000 program in app world is first class btw.
    07-21-11 01:36 PM
  21. leighgordon's Avatar
    Cannot copy text straight from email directly
    cannot paste into excel
    Cannot create folders!!!

    Web Browser:
    cannot access many sites - get messages to upgrade to newer browser version. 1and1 mail server loads 90% then hangs. news feeds/apps not compatable - I do not know if this is a RIM issue or not

    Sorry - I have cried:
    07-22-11 05:02 AM
  22. dan21092's Avatar
    Unless I am missing something, I must unlock my handset first, and then, using the same password, unlock it again when entering the Bridge mode. This can be a little frustrating when the phone is not at hand, and it seems redundant from a security point of view. The user should have at least the option of allowing one-step unlocking via the Bridge.
    Disable Content Protection on your blackberry
    Disable Content Protection from BB.com
    07-22-11 01:37 PM
  23. agentfat2004's Avatar
    an e-book reader that actually lets you buy books in the UK would be nice... so annoyed that Kobo won't let me buy anything due to 'publisher limitations' in the US. Plus the fact you can't open your own epubs is a killer... hopefully when the UK launch hits a few weeks they might have some reading apps we can use over here.

    This was one of the main reasons (well excuses I should say ) for buying a playbook, and now I can't actually use it for reading any of my books. Not good.
    Well I don't know if Kobo is in the uk, but maybe you can create an account on their website via a proxy/vpn so it looks like you are in the usa, then try and connect it to the playbook. Of course this may not help if they later launch a UK store and there are UK restrictions on titles
    07-25-11 10:32 AM
  24. 4_espresso_shots's Avatar
    I usually use my PB in portrait orientation and like the 'orientation lock' feature. However, I've noticed that when using some apps that only run in landscape orientation, the apps will actually switch the 'locked' orientation to landscape when launched full screen, so when I subsequently return to the home screen, the orientation is not only landscape, but is now locked in that state, and I have to disable orientation lock, rotate my BB to get it back into portrait and then set the lock again. Ideally, I'd like it so that if an app needs to run in landscape mode, it can temporarily bypass the lock in order to do so when running fullscreen, but that the display orientation is returned to what the user actually locked it to when the app is minimized or goes 'out-of-focus'.

    Aside from that, there's nothing else I can think of at the moment: I <3 my Playbook !
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    07-26-11 03:00 AM
  25. ubizmo's Avatar
    The messages that appear in the "Message" folder in Bridge should be the same as those that appear in the "Messages" folder on the BB. That is, any messages not sent to the Messages folder on the BB shouldn't appear in Bridge either. I have four email accounts on my BB. One is an old account that I don't use that much anymore, that gets a fair amount of spam. I have the BB email configured not to send the mail from that account to the "Messages" folder, but those mails do appear in Bridge on the PB. That's not how it ought to work.

    Another suggestion in this thread: How Should Editing Operations Work
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    07-26-11 10:15 AM
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