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    Suggestions to RIM for Playbook improvement.

    Ok guys following my arrangement with forum manager “Bla1ze” this is going to be a sticky for our suggestions to RIM for playbook improvement.
    Thank you Bla1ze

    We already see lots of suggestions and good feedbacks from consumers like us to improve this device but we have to be organized short and clear in different categories so we can transfer our ideas to RIM.

    As lots of us think this tablet is built on a very solid foundation but needs refinements and we can help RIM and finally ourselves to get this thing polished and better, software improvement is a gradual and SLOW EVOLUTION but we can accelerate it so much with being positive and giving productive ideas, so please just positive and productive feedbacks in this thread.


    Please pay attention to these points before posting anything here:

    I. This thread is not for Thechnical support, complaining, crying or any negative or unrelated stuff and stories that derail the thread.

    II. Please briefly and clearly express what you think is missing or what can be done for Playbook improvement and what you would like to see in future software or hardware versions, forum manager is not going to organize the stuff and clean this for us then PLEASE BE ORGANIZED AND CLEAR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so we can increase the productivity of this thread.

    III. Please do not start a conversation regarding how good or bad this thread is, the reason is that it again defeats the whole point of this thread and derails the discussion, if you like to do that please start a new thread, the whole point is KEEPING THIS THREAD AS CLEAN AND ORGANIZED AS POSSIBLE

    IV. You can write your ideas and later come back and edit it if you would like.

    V. Please write and arrange your suggestions in different categories like:


    B) Web browser

    C) Bridging

    D) Camera

    E) PDF App

    and so on...


    A) Web browser:

    1-Multitasking within web browser is missing, so you cannot listen to live streaming of radio in one tab and browse in the second tab, it is a VERY BIG THING for a device that can do real multitasking!!

    2-We cannot organize web bookmarks in folders and rename them, it will cause a long list that makes you dizzy in no time.

    3-Add to bookmark button is the same size as bookmark button and right next to it (two stars on top right hand side of browser) so those can be confused and more over you do not need "add to bookmarks" all the time and it can be smaller or in a different position.

    4- Another BIG THING is ability to mail a website link right from inside the browser with a button, this exists in apple ios and is supper handy otherwise u should copy and paste the link and go to another page in your email account to sent it to someone.

    5- Adding Microsoft silverlight for live streaming and for instance watching Netflix online

    and so on... this section (Browser enhancement) for instance can go to Web Browser team (Matthew) for follow up, this is the guy behind the web browser in Playbook. (Look at the link below)

    Inside the BlackBerry PlayBook Web Browsing team: Meet Matthew «Inside BlackBerry - The Official BlackBerry Blog

    Thank a lot for your feedbacks and hopefully it will help to have a better Playbook in shorter time.
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    Firstly, just want to say that I really like the Playbook. Great piece of hardware that will improve with some updates. As a blackberry user i find the whole bridge concept really attractive to me. I understand what others are saying about the shortcomings, but I like it.

    My suggestion for a hardware improvement (and I know this isn't very original) would be a keyboard, trackpad and additional battery similar to the ASUS Transformer. Physical keyboard and trackball/trackpad is a RIM trademark and with the additional battery it would get the specs up beyond some of the competition. Of course it would boost the price (I think ASUS is charging $150 extra for it), but just something I think would be a good add on.
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    App World... When browsing through apps it doesn't show me which ones are already installed like it does for iOS or Android Market.
    Also, when I download an app and am in My World, there is no back button to bring me back to where i was browsing when i selected the app thats installing.
    I have to start right at the beginning again... iOS and Android Market both allow you to go back to where you previously were and continue in that category.
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    -Favorites, please include option to view favorites as LIST view every time favorites are selected. Instead of click LIST VIEW all every time favorites are clicked.
    Also option to move favorites from different order. Move up, move down, etc...
    -Also, when streaming music on a tab, it should continue to play music from that tab when opening another one. This is multitasking correct?
    AUTOTEXT (Custom dictionary):
    -To work in all apps and browser with all websites. This was my favorite reason for a blackberry.
    -Ability to RENAME and edit pictures taken, videos taken and uploaded, etc...
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  5. CrackATL's Avatar
    1. A button on the status bar to turn the screen off. (Check)
    1. A finger motion on the screen to perform the same function as the back button at the top left.
    2. If the bezel is touch sensitive, I would like to use it to scroll (don't think this is possible, but I'll try).
    3. New - I would like the ability to select how many taps it takes to open a link. When I touch the screen to scroll, a couple of times a day I inadvertently open an advert link which opens in a new tab. Then I have to open the tabs and select the original page I was on. A little annoying.
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    Native printing from all programs: email, browser, Docs2Go apps, etc. I did read where Cortado is working on their Workplace app but a native one would be nicer.

    The ability to charge the PB while shut off.
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    im posting this from my bb playbook that i purchased from best buy in new york city on april 21, 2011

    Current OS Version: .1710
    Bridge to Verizon Tour 9630 OS

    Experience w blackberry devices: bb user since 2005


    1) in general, the device should have the same minimum functionality as the bb handset

    2. video made on bb will not open in bridge mail

    3. swipe to wake up - cool. should swipe from right to left to sleep since power button is super tiny

    4. use right or left bezel (user selectable) to move up and down in docume t or browser. for some reason i am opening way more right bar adds in tbe browser than when using ipad may be due to flash support. either way, since the bezel is touch sensitive, should be implemented.

    5. auto numbering in doc to go program
    6. since this is a bb, make the keyboard like the bb hold for caps, auto correct, i doesnt capitalize after space bar. no period after double cpace in browser.

    7. spelling errors are identified by red underscore, but not correctable throughout

    8. cant add words to dictionary

    9. hulu has error saying wont play due to blackberry browser

    10. no support for netflix view on demand

    11. make bottom right or left corner of bezel like a trakpad like bb handsets so cursor can be movdd around without leaving the keyboard

    12. bridge needs to open pictures and otber content from phone
    13 cannot send image to playbook from bb handset
    14 shoukd be able to mail files (pictures, videos, documets from tbeir native apps

    15 cant open email in landscape view in bridge

    16 bridge is slow. especially delete functions

    17 bridge should cache info if chosen by admin if a security concern, make a secondary password?

    18 add sound feedback on browser for clicking urls

    19 options for alerts

    20 auto switch to bridge browser when out of wifi - is there reallh a need for two separate browsers

    21 cant open urls in bridge mail

    22 allow screen capture during bridge maybe i want to send an email of my screen to someone and i dont want to cancel my bridge to do so

    23 allow additional caregories to be added to app filing structure

    24 if i delete an app, dont force a reinstall during updrades

    25 add back buttons durkng initial setup to allow for easily correcting wifi issues

    26 cant copy from bridge mail

    27 add feature so i can sms from tbe playbook and my bb handset acts as tbe gateway.

    28 playbook is a misspelled word in the native dictionary

    updated 4/24/2011

    29 use wifi or bb bridge cell id to assist in location aiding

    30 google maps app must be supported

    31 when typing in an email dialog box, space key should be @ and . as it is on the bb handset

    32 ability to hide icons as can be done on the bb handset

    33 my blackberry presenter is not supported by the PlayBook (wanted to check this spelling - its a typo accorxing to the spell cjecker too)

    34 ability to search the contacts when composing email as effectively as in contacts and on the bb handset. example - i have lots of people w just first name and company in my contacts, when k compose a new message on my handset, i just enter the first couple letters then space and a couple letters from the company name works on the playbook contacts, but not in the new message contact lookup

    35 bridge mail - move or add send button next to subject line

    36 add option to to notification and new message icon on home screen to delete messages. currently, the x in the notification list just removes the notification

    37 provide option in bridge mail full screen mode ( that is displayed only when new mail is opened from home screen new message list) to move to the next new message in full screen mode instead od returnig to the unscalable message list half screen bridge mail view

    38 bridge calendar - the color bar indicating calendar source, should extend for the height of the appointment, not just the title

    39 bridge calendar - there are no picm boxes for calendar type!! you just have to click, check and click again and check agai if you miss click

    40 bridge calander - no agenda view

    41 bridge calendar - not able to see others apointments so i can avoid scheduling conflicts the is a great professional grade feature on the handset

    42 text wrap when zooming like android, or column view like bb browser before version 6.0

    43 bing map on playbook versus google map on ipad1. really need a lot of improvement not sure if it is bing, or the playbook, but ipad w google is way more responsive - side by side on the same network.

    44 add support for bluetooth headsets so i can stream to slacker (again add pandora app)

    update 4/25

    45 ability to attach contact in bridge mail message. this has been a standard in the handset for years

    46 cannot add or edit email signatures

    47 you tube videos should go full screen when the video is expanded out - on playbook user has to click super small full screen button. on ipad just use zoom gesture and video goes full screen.

    48 3mb pdf attachment will not open on playbook - opens on bb handset without issue

    updated 5-2 after being away on a 4 day hiking trip on the AT, so giving my playbook a fresh look.

    49 as of today there is no os upgrade beyond .1710

    50 if you are not connected to a wifi, click wifi and the pb should view available networks instead of user having to go to settings menu the iphone notifies me of avaikable networks when seen i would like this just when i click the wifi icon when not connected.

    51 sheets to go - cannot double tap cell to enter data as help video indicates. use must click in entry bar at top of screen

    52 sheets to go - cannot increase column width

    53 the playbook should go to sleep eventually if i set my ipad down, it goes to sleep and i can pick it up a few days later and the battrry is still charved. the pb is dead! the off button really doesnt turn it off, got it. but, maybe affter say an hour, the com goes down so suspend mode saves the battery?

    54 bridge browser keeps closing after i view a couple of webpages. required restart of pb

    update may 7 - upgraded to version 1.03 and i think i am going to return my playbook to best buy : (

    55 i cannot open a 3.03mb ppt presentation through bridge mail. the download icon says tap here to start download.. i tap it the download starts ans a few seconds later it stops. my good idea to get around this is to open the wifi browser and log directly into my email done. save the ppt file open the file app and the file is resident on the pb i click open and the slides to go window completely freezes the pb only way to recover is to force a restart by holding the top buttons untik the red indicator light comes on.

    to be clear, i have given the same presentation on the ipad with no issues whatsoever. just had a colleague update 1 slide and email to me

    i am so frustrated that i want to start a campaign for a class action suit against rim for making the false claim that the playbook is a professional grade product.

    one more thing - cant cache slacker radio stations with the premium upgrade this is a resident feature for the bb handset

    thanks - btw - im leacing tbe spelling and punctuation errors to make a point about auto correct and the keyboard and how tough it is to move tbe cursor around to edit
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  8. phonegeek#AC's Avatar
    Easily accessible button for airplane mode
    Someone else mentioned autotext but would like to add auto punctuation.
    File Manager.

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  9. Category 5's Avatar
    While the Bridge is in use, both Playbook and Handheld work VERY slowly.
    Huge lag in marking messages as read.
    Freezes when deleting messages.
    Multiple indicators for messages which don't clear when the messages are read.
    Ability to use phone from the Playbook - unless this is a "one way" bridge which wouldn't make much sense...
    Browse files on phone through the Bridge. This appears to be possible, but doesn't work on mine.

    A port of RIM's apps such as Travel, Traffic, etc to work on the Playbook. I had expected those things to be available on launch.
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  10. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Better memory optimization. It has improved with each update, but it still needs work.
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  11. wms3's Avatar
    OS: File Manager. Bluetooth A2DP. As suggested above, keyboard to have same auto features as on phone (Auto Cap, space for period)
    App: PDF reader more like PDF TO Go in that it has bookmarks, word wrap.
    04-23-11 09:43 PM
  12. Zwickliffe's Avatar
    A) OS:

    1 - OS Wide spell check and autocorrect.

    2 - Better memory management - 500MB of ram being used up by nothing except for the OS is quite a lot.

    3 - Allow users to set wallpaper the way they want it set. What i mean by ths is that u should be able to zoom in and set the wallpaper at that zoom level, not just have the OS decide what it will look like.
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  13. jkrist's Avatar
    1) File Manager (especially so that we know where the Browser is downloading files)

    2) Remove functionality to unlock BlackBerry Phone when accessing it from PlayBook Bridge. If I have to pick up my phone and unlock it then I better check my email there rather than on the PlayBook

    3) Ability to Customize PlayBook Tabs. Currently we are stuck with 'All', 'Favorites','Media', BlackBerry Bridge'
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  14. Zwickliffe's Avatar
    Native printing from all programs: email, browser, Docs2Go apps, etc. I did read where Cortado is working on their Workplace app but a native one would be nicer.

    A mute button. Since the bridge is automatic it would be nice to be able to mute the PB at night so when an email comes in you don't hear it.

    The ability to charge the PB while shut off.

    A home button on the browser (unless I am missing it)

    Time & battery indicator at top of all windows

    A browser refresh button.
    Just for your information there is a browser refresh button. It is located all the way to the right of the address bar (when a page is loading it's a cancel button and when it is already loaded, it's a refresh button.
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  15. Zwickliffe's Avatar
    Blackberry Bridge:

    1 - Copy and paste NEEDS to be implemented.

    2 - Hyperlinks should be incorporated.


    1 - Copy and Paste is super buggy, barely ever works.
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  16. Zizzzzy's Avatar
    -I would like to be able to swipe close tabs in the browser similar to how we can close an app. I am constantly swiping up out of habit right now.

    -Since you can thumb type on this easily the fact that alt and shift on the left side of the keyboard are in the opposite spots from blackberry phones keyboard is really annoying me. I am constantly hitting the wrong one. Perhaps since they already have several different keyboard layouts that can be an additional choice to pick from, Blackberry keyboard layout.
    -Some sort of Data Transfer indicator so that I know if a page is loading.
    -In addition to how long of a connection when tethering, it would be great to have an indicator as to how much data has been used during that session. Perhaps a history of data used when bridged/thethered.

    -Using bezel to scroll up and down to avoid miss clicks on links
    -The ability to swipe off unit
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  17. nyland's Avatar
    Would like to have the USB port away from the charger so that I can be USB connected while the PlayBook is sitting in its Rapid Charging Pod.
    Same for HDMI.
    04-23-11 10:34 PM
  18. bigchico68's Avatar

    Definitely needs a file manager, that should be a must on any device.

    Need to be able to send files from email also. No way to add attachments that ive found.
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  19. pkcable's Avatar
    Blackberry Bridge:

    1 - Copy and paste NEEDS to be implemented.

    2 - Hyperlinks should be incorporated.


    1 - Copy and Paste is super buggy, barely ever works.


    All places where there is an http or email SHOULD be clickable/linkable. As Zwick mentiomned the http links in email while bridged should be clickable, BUT also in App World when you click on Support, on a App listing the email and website listed there should be clickable also. Perhaps they are waiting till they have the native email client?
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  20. dosto's Avatar
    File Management:

    1. As the first "professional grade tablet", I was hoping for better file management and document manipulation capabilities. I hope to see them soon.

    2. I'm surprised that with 6 months to prepare, Dropbox, Box.net, and countless PDFs readers failed to have an app at launch. Whose fault is this...RIM's, app developers', no one's?

    3. Regardless, I love my Playbook and look forward to it getting even better.
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  21. Darlaten's Avatar

    The ability to create further tabs to place the applications in. The current "All", "Favourites", "Media", "Games" and "Bridge" is not sufficient to categorize and organize the events. Even having only 30 apps makes it tedious and slow to scroll through them to find what you are looking for.
    04-23-11 11:41 PM
  22. Bolderholder's Avatar
    Web Browser-
    - due to the screen size, it would be handy to have a one touch option to get right back to the top of the web page, similar to the iOS.
    - incorporate a scroll up and down along the bezel. too many ads being accidentally clicked on.
    - enhance the ability to edit text. too cumbersome to find the right place to place the cursor.
    - address why pages, like CB, don't fully load, quickly, and all the time. it tends to hold up with about 20% remaining. this stall happens much too often and requires frequent refreshing.
    - enhance the fluidity and reaction time when entering text in a textbox or window. seems a bit choppy and has unnecessary lag between each key stroke for a device with dual core and 1 mb of RAM. seems like nit picking but this would just add to the whole polished and mature feel of the OS.

    - allow Excel files stored on micro SD of smartphone to be edited and saved back on blackberry or on playbook. actually enable full file maintenance and integration between our bb's and playbook.
    - increase speed of bridge browser.

    - allow imported videos to be assigned tags or nicknames to describe content
    - allow for the creation of subfolders to assist with organizing content. ie, work related vs personal content

    - along with OFF and RESTART, add STANDBY mode as someone already suggested to the OFF icon. the power button on many units looks to not have been raised by the time us "early adopters" received our units.
    - better power management...ie, battery shouldn't drain several percentages while the unit is completely off, be able to charge while OFF.
    - enable apps on phones to be accessed and used on playbook.
    - allows users to create custom menus on home screen (outside of the standard ALL, FAVORITES, MEDIA etc).
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  23. wallyrulz's Avatar
    I really like these suggestions, some of them would be truly amazing. Hopefully RIM will listen and take these seriously.

    I have several suggestions, but one that is really important, almost a deal breaker.


    When zooming content on any webpage, the text gets larger but the margins do as well. This then requires left and right, back and forth scrolling to read the text. This makes reading utterly ridiculous. Let me illustrate:

    Here is a screen shot of the first post in the known issues thread in portrait mode:

    Then the same thread zoomed in:

    Basically reading any forum or blog in portrait is a no go. Left and right scrolling is way to much of a pain on each and every line.

    As a side note, here is the same post on my android phone:

    The text is actually bigger than the text on the playbook, and without left and right scrolling, everything is easily readable. The funny thing is there is less scrolling on my 4.3" android screen than on the PB.

    This is not just an annoyance, this is a send it back deal for me. 10 days and counting.

    I am falling in love with the playbook. Hopefully the many good suggestions in this thread will be considered, and if not applied immediately, at least some word could be given about whether RIM is listening to these.
    04-24-11 12:09 AM
  24. hackerguy's Avatar
    I have the 64GB PB and I love it. Still getting to know it. I would like to be able to access Password Keeper on my BB phone via Blackberry Bridge.
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    04-24-11 01:26 AM
  25. panzergruppe's Avatar
    A software switch or button on top/right to change to standby mode, just like the switch for wifi on/off.

    In landscape mode, make the keyboard keys more closer to left and right, move some rarely used keys or special keys in the middle. Then we could typing with thumbs same as portrait mode.

    in standby mode, if no internet actions for some time, or no any internet apps running, turn wifi off automatically to save battery life.

    password, lock after, need option: never lock. (have to have password for other purpose but donot want to be locked any time)
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