1. rich_a's Avatar
    I picked up a Nexus 7 yesterday. I've never used mobile Chrome (the browser on the N7) before since my Android phone is on Android 2.3, and Chrome is only supported on Ice Cream Sandwich and onward, but I was very surprised to find that Mobile Chrome is just as good as the desktop version and contains some really fantastic features. Here are my favourites that I hope RIM can implement in the next version of PlayBook OS or BB10:

    - Desktop sync

    All my bookmarks and details are synced between my laptop and my tablet. I open up crackberry for the first time on my tablet and I'm already logged in! A chrome and/or firefox plugin to give PlayBook the same functionality would be a winner.

    - Username/password storage

    I think we've all wanted this from day 1.

    - hyperlink zoom

    If there are lots of hyperlinks in a very small space, on my playbook I just keep clicking the area of the page until I manage to hit the right one (yes- I realise I'm lazy and should just pinch to zoom and select the right link!). On chrome, it realises that there are multiple links and shows a zoomed in view of the area I clicked in a popup bubble, allowing me to select the correct link.

    - Request desktop site

    On the PlayBook sometimes a site will force you to use it's mobile site, despite the browser handling the desktop site better (Argos, I'm looking at you!). On Chrome there is an option to always request the desktop site.

    So they are my picks. What are the features you are hoping for in the next release of the PlayBook browser?
    08-28-12 04:24 AM
  2. jeroen_13's Avatar
    And 'search in page' !!
    08-28-12 04:30 AM
  3. twdawson's Avatar
    The ability to use office web apps and google docs without having to jump through hoops.
    08-28-12 05:28 AM
  4. jeroen_13's Avatar
    And a working email site. I used to check my email on m.hotmail.com but now it re directs me to m.outlook.com . When I sign in I just see a blank page :S Very, very annoying.
    08-28-12 06:26 AM
  5. diegonei's Avatar
    Quite sure we'll see all that when we get a native browser written in C++/Cascades.

    We're in the early days, just hit 2.0, waiting for 2.1. Look at Android and iOS back when they had such numbers. If we compare, the PlayBook is doing very well for such a young OS.

    Things will come, and BB10 will blow our mind. Why do you think I got a PlayBook? For TabletOS?
    08-28-12 08:08 AM
  6. pronomad's Avatar
    In addition to the great features mentioned above, a simple request. How about consistency in the way in which links open? Sometimes a single taps works; at other times you need a "long press." Why?
    08-28-12 08:44 AM
  7. pacoman03's Avatar
    Sometimes a single taps works; at other times you need a "long press." Why?
    User error, or fat fingers.
    08-28-12 09:56 AM
  8. rich_a's Avatar
    User error, or fat fingers.
    Completely disagree. It's a problem many have mentioned on these forums and seems to have been an issue since 2.0 was released. Sometimes the browser will open links when you just tap them, and occasionally it demands that you either tap them like crazy or hold your finger on them for a couple of seconds. It's annoying and needs to be fixed!
    08-28-12 10:30 AM