1. evivbulgroz's Avatar
    I have been very intrigued by the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1, and its stylus-centric features. It reminds me that I really enjoyed my old Nokia Xpress 5800 and the stylus is what made the touch screen bearable (that was in addition to my BB Pearl wich was a great phone except when handling multimedia).

    Any rumors or interest by RIM for a stylus to come with the 10" version of the playbook?

    I love my playbook as it is, but sometimes I do wish I had a good stylus to write notes, sketch or just snap portions of a webpage easily.

    I for one was very excited by the concept of the when it was first announced, and I would have paid top $$$ for it.

    I think MS made a mistake when they dropped it, and there is an opportunity for RIM to create a similar experience with the larger playbook and BB10 OS. The ultimate tablet for people that want to get things done...

    09-17-12 08:28 PM
  2. danwebb955's Avatar
    I Personaly think that if rim really wants to make there fan base strong and happy then they should ay least stick with the current playbook after all 'shops are supposedly selling out of them due to the price drops and such'.
    I also think that we are just beginning to see the strong points with the current playbook. So they should stick with this and try to make it as strong As possible before releasing the new 10' playbook
    However in the future I think the 10' playbook would be amazing.
    09-18-12 03:19 AM
  3. esk369's Avatar
    There were some picture circulating a few weeks ago of a supposed 10 " pb imo would be pretty damm cool.
    The new galaxy tab has gotten savaged in reviews i got myself a asus t300 my 1st android experience its not bad nothing to scream about but having a 10" screen helps as my eyesight is not what it used to be and I can use without my glasses.
    Still love my pb.
    09-18-12 08:30 AM
  4. danwebb955's Avatar
    Same same altho I think the PlayBooks screen is kind of small it still does the job. Some times I do wish the screen was bigger but hey we get what we pay for, and I Personally think I have made the right purchase
    09-18-12 05:19 PM