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    Unsure if I should post on the PlayBook OS forum or here. Mods should feel free to move this thread to comply with forum policy.

    I've purchased a yearly subscription to StrongVPN to enjoy services restricted to the US. I've successfully configured my wife's iPad. I'm trying to configure my PlayBook but I keep getting a Timeout error.

    Online support insist "BlackBerry is not supported". When asking about the PlayBook specifically, they tell it's not supported either, but I'm getting this feeling the support staff was unclear about the PlayBook.

    I don't want to configure my router, as I don't want banking sites to go through their systems. I might get a second router with the VPN if that's the only way, but I'd rather configure devices individually.

    Does anyone have experience configuring VPNs on their PlayBook? Is there specific certificates I should ask from StrongVPN?

    Any advice is appreciated.
    07-03-12 11:42 PM