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    Just wanted to share a winning moment for my Playbook. This evening i decided to rent an online streaming video. Fired up the ol laptop, and couldn't get it to play. I'm running the release preview of Windows 8 so I thought maybe that was the problem. No big deal, the wife's laptop is still on Windows 7, so I figured I'd use hers. Nope - still didn't work. Fearing I had just wasted money on a video I wouldnt be able to see, I turned to the Playbook as a last resort. After all, those experts in the tech press keep telling me how limited the Playbook is. Well I'm happy to say I streamed my movie with stunning picture quality and great sound on my Playbook without any issues whatsoever. I love this tablet!
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    09-15-12 10:57 PM
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    Cool. What site did you rent it from?
    09-15-12 11:10 PM