1. atsaiyberry's Avatar
    anyone know any good compatible streaming sites for the playbook. my laptop died and now i'm stuck with the pb and its not even rooted. southparkstudios seems to work well with the pb. thanks
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    01-08-12 01:27 PM
  2. CanadianThomas's Avatar
    Justin.tv works well. Rogers on demand. south park studios.

    Most flash based sites work, although a few like myp2p.pe seem to need a windows install of something and don't work. I have some bookmarked on my PlayBook, that's not with me, when I get home I'll post them.
    01-08-12 01:51 PM
  3. eltiburon7's Avatar
    try epix for movies. You can also try your cables webisite. Amazon on demand works
    01-08-12 01:53 PM
  4. RetroAndreas's Avatar
    Try the free app Al Jezerra It embarrasses other news apps.
    CityNews has a free (for now) live stream thats awesome.
    01-08-12 04:53 PM
  5. StringsOdeath's Avatar
    For music I like Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming
    Free and I find a lot of obscure stuff on it.
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    01-08-12 04:56 PM
  6. J.Bell's Avatar
    I like to use veetle. Easy to use and has some good shows like Top Gear
    01-08-12 05:41 PM
  7. EricB1968's Avatar
    veetle.com nowwatchtvlive.com
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    01-08-12 05:41 PM
  8. atsaiyberry's Avatar
    veetle is p awesome. thanks a lot. any other recommendations?
    01-09-12 12:26 AM
  9. ksean007's Avatar
    Veetle.com by far is the best for now
    01-09-12 06:39 AM