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    The new version of F&F has been released and it nows allows media to be streamed from the cloud. In the thread announcing F&F's release, a few people have requested that the capability to stream multiple songs stored in the cloud be added, rather than just one at a time as F&F is currently limited to. While I'm sure that some are aware of this, many probably are not aware that you can load 10, 20, 30 or more songs stored in the cloud in a media player and have them play in order (though no working playlist support, currently, that I'm aware of). The easiest and most direct way to do this is to use ES File Explorer (needs to be sideloaded) and its integrated media player. Note that the latest version available that I'm aware of of ES is and is available from goodereader's app store. ES supports Box, Sugarsync, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, s3, Yandex and ubuntu cloud services.

    The first thing to do is install ES File Explorer and then set up your cloud account(s). To do so, click on the "Net" tab (you may have to swipe from the top and then click "Show Tabs"), then swipe from the top and click "New".Click on the cloud accounts you want to set up and go through the process. When your account is set up, click on the account under the net tab and ES will open your cloud account. You can then navigate to the folder or folders where your music is stored. Then choose one or more songs to play- for multiple songs, tap select on the tool bar and then tap the songs you want to load (the song titles you choose will turn yellow) then tap and hold on any of the chosen songs. A menu will pop up- choose "Music". Another menu will pop up- choose "Add to playing". The ES media player will then open up showing the songs you have chosen to play. To add more songs to the queue, bottom swipe to go back, navigate to your songs to be added, and repeat the process as above. Repeat as desired. The songs that you've loaded will play in the order in which they were loaded, or you can set the player to shuffle the songs. After you've loaded all your songs, you can return to the player view by swiping from the top, choosing "More", and then "Music".

    It should be noted that you can stream multiple songs stored on your PC over LAN, using essentially the same process. It is also possible to stream multiple tunes using X-Plore File Manager or Ghost Commander (LAN only) or via one of the android cloud apps (dropbox or Skydrive) but the procedure is not as straightforward. Also, for what it's worth, you can also use ES's media player to create multiple music playlists, though this function works for local media only.
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    We're working on adding multi-file support to the Files & Folders media streamer.
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    12-13-12 06:27 PM

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