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    Unfortunately this is only for Brazilians sorry guys

    First in portuguese: Para os Brasileiros donos de um PlayBook, e ao mesmo tempo assinantes do Telecine Play, possvel assistir filmes pelo navegador padro do PlayBook no site do Telecine Play. Funciona perfeitamente, em tela cheia e alta qualidade. Nos primeiros segundos o filme pode travar um pouco, mas depois do 1 minuto o filme roda tranquilo.

    Now in English: For Brazilian owners of a PlayBook, and at the same time subscribers of Telecine Play, it's possible to stream movies from the default browser of the PlayBook on the Telecine Play website. It works perfectly, in fullscreen and HD. In the first couple of seconds the movie might lag a bit, but after the first minute it will run just fine.

    Hope this reaches those Brazilians that, like me, still hold on to there PlayBooks
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    06-30-15 08:45 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Ahhh as tardes perdidas tentando fazer o app do Telecine Play rodar no PlayBook... Inicia, crasha... Inicia, crasha....

    Eles liberaram o browserID do PlayBook? Que massa. Agora quem sabe eu use o servio!

    And now for out non-portuguese speaking community.

    Ohhh the long afternoons trying to get the Telecine Play app work on the PlayBook... Starts, crashes... Starts, crashes...

    So they are allowing the PlayBook's browerID now? Great. Maybe now I finally get to use the service!
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    07-01-15 07:00 PM

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