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    I would like to put all of my MP3 files on my Playbook and access them by clicking on All Songs. I want to play one song at a time. I don't want the Playbook to automatically start playing the next MP3. Instead, I just want silence after each song until I choose to play another MP3.

    Is there a setting that will let me tell the Music player to stop after each song. Currently, it starts playing the next song after the first has ended.

    01-01-16 09:26 AM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    Make sure the songs are not in the PlayList. To remove a song(s) from the PlayList, Tap Playbook Playlist, swipe down from the top and tap Edit. Tap a song or songs. Tap remove.

    There is a Help Icon on your Playbook. Make sure you are on WiFi, Tap The Help Icon, scroll down to Music and tap. Tap 'Creating playlists and organizing your music.'
    01-01-16 12:06 PM

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