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    As you can see, you have received many responses, both for and against getting a Playbook today. However, only you can decide if it is worth getting. Make sure you know the limitations of the Playbook, such as the unavailability of many apps such as Skype and Netflix. If you use social media sites frequently, be aware of what the Playbook can do and cannot do on the major ones. Others have given you their input on that but you should do further research by, among other things, reading the reviews of the tablet on places like Amazon, etc.

    I would consider, but not give too much weight to opinions which absolutely swear against the Playbook because it will no longer be supported or that BB10 will not come to the Playbook. Technology products change so fast and whether a product which is two years old is relevant or not depends on the user's needs. I find the Playbook still very much relevant for me despite it not receiving any further updates or the BB10 operating system. Besides, many of the other major brands do not update their tablets, but release new versions of their tablets. Nexus 7 just released a new one about a month ago. I do not know what it is with Blackberry folks who expect their Playbooks to last forever and continue receiving updates in perpetuity.

    Many Blackberry users got very upset and wrote a lot of unkind words about the product and the company after news of no BB10 and no further updates came out. It is absurd how a product could be a good product one day and then be a useless paperweight the next just because the manufacturer decided not to bring BB10 to it and then decided not to provide further updates. I could not believe the hate I saw on the forums here when that happened. I think many of the haters are the same people who advertised their used Playbooks for sale on sites such as Craigslist for prices like $199.00 for a 16GB one and $250.00 or higher for a 64GB one. I thought it was ridiculous when one can quite easily get a brand new 64GB Playbook for $149.00. I have four Playbooks. My first, a 16GB one and then three 64GB ones. I bought my fourth one, a brand new 64GB one for $149.00 late last year. All my Playbooks are new except for one which I bought used.

    I have absolutely no regrets owning my Playbooks. In fact, I was planning on getting one more (used) if I could find a good deal on Craigslist. But no, the sellers on Craigslist want prices substantially above brand new prices. Almost everyday now, Amazon sells new Playbooks for about $150.00.

    I dropped the idea of getting another used Playbook and in the past month, I acquired a new Kindle Fire HD 7" from Staples and a new non-major brand name tablet, the Hisense Sero 7 Pro from Walmart (for $129.00). They are good buys and thanks to the folks trying to sell their Playbooks on Craigslist for ridiculously high prices. I probably would not have gotten the Kindle and the Hisense if I had gotten a good deal on a used Playbook.

    You can find out quite a bit about the Kindle Fire HD and the Hisense to a lesser extent, doing some research. I got the Kindle because I have Amazon Prime so it is convenient accessing my Amazon products through the Kindle. I actually had no problem accessing them through the Playbook, but I wanted exposure to another operating system so I would be ready when I really needed to move on due to the "death" of my Playbooks. The Kindle is more or less "modified Android" while the Hisense is more "pure Android". Some say the Hisense is a cheaper version of the Nexus 7 (2012 version, not the 2013 version). I am happy with both the Kindle and the Hisense and for a couple of weeks, the novelty of a different operating system and the huge appstore for Android had me using them much more than my Playbooks.

    I have since come down back to earth and I am now using my Playbooks much more often than either the Kindle or the Hisense. I find the swiping gestures of the Playbook and its multi-tasking capabilities smoother and easier to use. Yes, the Playbook is slower to wake up or turn on and is slower to connect to wifi. The Hisense is incredibly fast connecting to wifi, with the Kindle coming in second and the Playbook the slowest. But we're talking of mere seconds so it does not bother me that the Playbook is slower.

    So, despite the negativity surrounding the Playbook, it remains the tablet of choice for me among the three different brands that I have. Will there ever be an iPad for me in the future? I refuse to pay its higher prices while there are so many other tablet choices out there which are just as good, if not better. If their prices are more competitive with some of the other major brands in the market, then I will consider one. But not while they are asking more for less.

    By the way, I am not a gamer so perhaps that goes a long way towards why I still find the Playbook relevant for me today. I really like the 64GB of storage for its current low price. I like music and the dual front speakers are very good. I have a lot of music stored on my Playbooks.

    One thing I discovered after I got the Hisense is that I was able to get an app (on sale for 99 cents) that will scan documents and save them to the internal storage or the external microSDHC card. The scans are very good quality. After I got that, I went into Blackberry World and bought a scanning app for $3.99. A waste of money. It is probably not that the app was not good, but it was probably limited by the Playbook's hardware - fixed focus rear camera, resulting in poor quality scans since the Playbook does not take good pictures when the object is too near. The Hisense auto-focuses so the picture taken of a document, while near, is very clear, thus resulting in a good scan.

    I do not need a lot of apps at all, so while I had some fun browsing the Android app store for a while, I am now over that and have settled back to appreciating the Playbook for what it can do, rather than complaining about what it cannot do. Between the Hisense and the Playbook, I think I have it covered for at least the next twelve months or beyond, unless something spectacular comes up and tempts me.

    I think you are in England so I thought I'd let you know that while the Hisense Sero 7 Pro is only available in the U.S. currently with 8GB storage (with expandable micro-SDHC up to 32 GB card or 64GB card if rooted), it is available in England with 32GB storage and also micro-SDHC expandable. Of course, it costs more.

    Finally, my opinion is that, depending on one's needs, one could get along with having the Playbook as one's main or only tablet. It definitely is a great deal for its current price, especially when one gets the 64GB one. If your budget is a little bigger, consider getting a reliable non-major brand name tablet such as the Hisense as a secondary tablet. This way, if you lose one or if one breaks down, it will not hurt as much. I think this strategy is better than investing in a more expensive tablet which will inevitably be replaced with a newer model less than a year after it is released. The Playbook is a very good tablet made by a very good company which unfortunately suffered due to its old management's lack of managerial and product fore-sight, causing its (almost) demise. Whatever may be happening to Blackberry today should not detract from the fact that they have good products. Sometimes bad things happen to good products.
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