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    I had two PB wifi 16GB, still have one and recently sold the other to a friend who has never been on a Tablet. He loves it and is having a blast. I'll be keeping the other PB for personal use. Even today the PB is a fine Tablet and only thing that I say the browser is now and always was too slow. Which is a shock considering it is built on QNX. If BB would just do one thing and fix the browser on the PB, it would continue to be a unique and outstanding Tablet. I keeping mine for reading books and listening to music, sound is top of class as well as image quality is high quality too. I installed Origami browser and can view video one Crackle, yeah, that's right. I set Origami for iphone and the video on Crackle plays great! I'm hoping my friend will consider a BB phone for his next phone too, after his experience with the PB, a transition to a Z30 would be immediate.

    Rock'n with my PB and Z30.
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    No inappropriate thread title or comments , please.
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    No inappropriate thread title or comments , please.
    Oops sorry, gotta curb that enthusiasm.
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    I use my 64GB playbook mostly for videos, music, some web browsing. Good video quality, excellent front facing speakers, better than most of the newer tablets out there. I keep it next to my bed to use as an alarm clock. It may be dead to blackberry but to me it is alive and kicking. I do have other tablets, but I will keep my playbook until it dies.
    02-08-15 12:37 PM
  5. anon(55900)'s Avatar
    Yep, all you can get for them is $40, for what they can still do and the quality, it's not worth selling. I had a second one which had slight scratch. Recently Sold it to a friend who loves it. I'm hoping the next phone they'll buy will be a blackberry.
    02-08-15 05:23 PM
  6. SeeBeeEss's Avatar
    My PlayBook got lots of daily use right up until the day it died...loved it...miss it...
    02-08-15 05:41 PM
  7. lokomotifbag's Avatar
    i am a huge fan of blackberry but i have to admit it, playbook is just like a surplus gadget for me.. PB does not give me any surplus value to my life, nor increase my productivity... no instagram, slow browser compare to my z30, no native dropbox apps...

    02-09-15 02:20 AM

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