1. snufkin's Avatar
    It's buggy, cant really select tracks, i keep hitting log out by accident and it lags - BUT it's here!


    1. Log into desktop version of facebook website.

    2. click this link: Spotify on Facebook | Facebook

    It will open a new tab with html5 spotify!

    note. its a beta and does not work properly in PB native browser. Im hoping it works in one of the others.
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    11-16-12 11:01 AM
  2. daglesj's Avatar
    Oh ffs you have to have a facebook account to get to it?

    Jeez, i remember when the internet wasnt controlled by evil corporations.

    Edit. Actually just tried the link and took me straight to the service. It all works on pb browser. Logged in and listening as i type.

    Bit slow but its there.
    11-16-12 05:18 PM

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