1. neel69's Avatar
    All of a sudden I noticed in the morning that no sound is coming from the left speaker.. Right one is functioning normally.. Tried rebooting a couple of times.. Still not working. Headphones are working fine.. Any help? This is the second time in a month I think I have to submit the playbook to the service Centre.. A month ago playbook stopped charging. Quiet a harassment...
    09-25-12 06:37 AM
  2. mark37724's Avatar
    Betcha the service centre loosened the speaker wire when doing your last repair, they will never admit it of course but still a likely explanation.
    09-25-12 06:54 AM
  3. neel69's Avatar
    I suppose so that might be the case.. Will have to travel over 300kms to submit it. Really irritating..
    09-25-12 08:41 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Sounds (no pun) as if you have done reasonable testing using the headphones. Have you tried it using video, the VoiceNote recorder, etc but it is probably physical and not software/os.
    09-25-12 08:45 AM