1. brettmyster's Avatar
    So since the playbooks been selling out left and right due to the 300 dollar price drop, how many of you think this will actually give the playbook some momentum? Everyone I've shown mine to are like wow! Its so cool.
    11-29-11 10:39 AM
  2. alnamvet68's Avatar
    It's always been cool, unless of course, you are easily swayed by the lame stream techy media. The forums here, and elsewhere (BB forums, that is) will give you the straight skinny; everywhere else is just uber biased opinions from dilitantes and haters.
    11-29-11 10:44 AM
  3. brettmyster's Avatar
    The playbook gestures are really cool and the web browser is badass. Games are turning out to be simply amazing, and I can also use alldata on my playbook which is a car program I use at work for wiring diagrams, torque sequences ect. Ipad cannot so **** the ipad! Android tablets probably could too, but the playbooks still cooler. Can't wait for os2, but for now I'm plenty happy
    11-29-11 11:40 AM