1. AnthonGMc's Avatar
    hey guys,

    so recently I got my hdmi cord for my pb. i started using yesterday and noticed that the sound would speed up whenever i started watching a video on my tv. its pretty noticeable too (like 1.5 sec delay). This hasnt happened on my playbook when im watching the videos so i know its not the video. has this happened to anyone else? if so how do you fix it or what else could be the problem?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    12-27-11 06:00 PM
  2. CanadianThomas's Avatar
    are you using the beta OS release? sounds like it to me. if so, downgrade. if not then i do not know but it sounds strange, no pun intended. what type of file is it?
    12-27-11 08:31 PM
  3. AnthonGMc's Avatar
    Never "upgraded" to the beta version yet. Uh as far as the files they are .mp4's i'm pretty sure. Either way they look fine on the playbook just not fine when I put em on a big screen. I wonder though I played a video today from the beginning and it was fine. But when I wrote this post I had a video already half way through and started then....I don't see why this would affect it but if that's the case then I know I will always have to start from the beginning but I'm not completely sure it's that simple...
    12-27-11 08:58 PM