06-25-12 12:29 PM
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  1. kbz1960's Avatar
    WAKE UP!! Adobe has sunsetted Flash and HTML5 will be the format going forward. didn't you know that?
    Cool. So everything is converted already? We'll never find anything using flash ever again from this day forward. Wonder why I keep getting updates to it?
    06-25-12 10:29 AM
  2. rcm1301's Avatar
    So everything is converted already?
    To use some RIM PR language - "SOON".
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    06-25-12 10:35 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    14 months ain't quite two years.

    Anyway, where would you rather see RIM dedicating resources, making a browser better that already works, or getting the next gen device and OS that are the last hope for saving the company out the door?
    14 months is NOW. By the time Cascades and BB10 are available on the PB, it will be almost 2 years, maybe as little as 20 months. And I'm sure that there will still be rough patches at that point.

    I will accept that with the way things are going, resources are pretty slim and hopefully won't get much slimmer. At the same time, they are not winning over tons of adherents with this slow going.
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    06-25-12 10:46 AM
  4. kennyliu's Avatar
    14 months ain't quite two years.

    Anyway, where would you rather see RIM dedicating resources, making a browser better that already works, or getting the next gen device and OS that are the last hope for saving the company out the door?
    I am not a developer, but I can't imagine that adding search on page or bookmark management in the browser would consume all the resources of a multi-billion dollar company.

    Over the 14 months, haven't they worked on some arguably less important/basic, but more resource intensive things?
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    06-25-12 10:58 AM
  5. OniBerry's Avatar
    LOL...always amusing reading posts trying to defend the PB browser.

    Wait no...actually its pretty sad.
    About as much fun as seeing the same complaints made in thread after thread. It gets old, fast. Which in itself, wouldn't be so bad, but it's like users are blindsided when it comes to what the PB can and can't do.

    Research, pros vs cons and make a choice.
    06-25-12 10:58 AM
  6. ubermanx's Avatar
    How can a Site be experiencing network errors when I can load it fine on my iPhone in blazing speed? How can I not access access sub pages of a site, freezing, blue bar disappearing, while my iPhone loads the Page on first attempt? I'm on the same home network, in the same room on the same planet. Why when I load crackberry i get checkerboarding out the whazoo when I'm only scrolling down a paragraph? Why when attempting to select text for correction in this very Window I have to tap 4 times just to get the pins to appear somewhat close to the vicinity where I need to make adjustments?
    Why can't I select all the text in this input box!!!??(for fear that I'll lose my entry to a surprise crash) why when I open multiple tabs (5) its stalls and eventually crashes or mixes up the web view?

    This browser is a POS and It better be flawless by the time BB10 comes, Or I'll be moving on. Yes, I'm only one individual, but out of 6 of my colleagues that picked the PB up, I am the only faithful one still using it. (I'm submitting my post here because the POS browser won't let me scroll to the end of this test input to complete my entry. This is such a POS browser)

    It's just more and more frustrating and apparent that RIM doesn't seem to care or is acting fast enough to cross the T's and dot the I's
    I have a Blackberry Playbook and Bold 9900, an iPad 1, two Acer tablets running ICS with Firefox, Chrome and the native browser, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Service Captivate phone.

    They all suck at browsing with the Playbook sucking less than all of the others in my personal experience. I'd rather surf with the Playbook than any of my other devices.

    More compatible ( I don't need banking apps cause all three of my banks have WWW banking that works on the Playbook but don't on the iPad) with fewer crashes.

    The Android browsers crash very frequently on all three of my Android gizmos. All three Android browsers I tried behave differently on the same tablet.

    Last night the iPad browser force closed on me three times in 10 minutes.

    Playbook browser an't perfect but it's better than everything else I tried so far...
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    06-25-12 11:23 AM
  7. noelito4three's Avatar
    my gf and i switched tablets. she's using my pb and i have her ipad2.

    ipad2 definitely loads faster web pages. doesnt mean pb browser is slow already. its OK.
    i miss my pb more because of the flash compatibility. checkerboarding is fine. as long as i can view flash sites.
    06-25-12 12:02 PM
  8. MikeInParadise's Avatar
    Checkerboarding on Playbook or white space on the iPod touch browser. Just different poison to me.
    Install the opera mini browser or the itouch. I have a first generation itouch and it browses fasternthan my playbook with opera.

    I too have lots of the same problems that the op does. Playbook slower on my network than ipad,iphone, itouch or netbook.

    I like the PlayBook interface best and it's size but it has it's issue.

    Give it to an iphone user to Play with and watch how many repeat taps they do.

    One thing that drives me nuts is when you touch a link and it highlights but nothing happens. It is sending the touch but not responding.

    And very poor bookmarks organization. A good bookmarking management system is really important for me.
    06-25-12 12:29 PM
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