1. alexlatuk's Avatar

    Is anyone else having issues with the Songpop app on Facebook in Playbook browser. When I try to run the app it tells me I need to upgrade to latest flash player but I have the latest available flash player for Playbook browser.

    Can anyone suggest a solution or send me a link to a working bar file for this game please?

    Songpop on Facebook-img_00000014.png

    I'd appreciate any help as I'm quite addicted to this game


    09-27-13 07:45 AM
  2. ChrisMay's Avatar

    Welcome to CB.

    EDIT: Forgot to ask - did it use to work on your PlayBook? If so, anything changed in your setup? New Apps installed, updates to your software etc etc?

    EDIT2: Have a look at this post:
    It looks like it contains a link to a SongPop BAR file... No guarantees though, and use at your own risk!

    Make sure that flash is not disabled in your Playbook browser settings
    You could try using a different browser on your PlayBook (Origami?).
    Looking on Google, there seem to be issues with SongPop at the moment. Does it work Ok on you PC/laptop if you have one?

    Hope this helps!

    09-27-13 07:56 AM
  3. alexlatuk's Avatar

    Thanks for the reply

    In answer to your questions
    - This had always worked on my PB until 2 nights ago, haven't downloaded any apps or changed any settings
    - I only have a work laptop which has been set up not to allow me to use any types of applications which may involve having fun so haven't been able to check that it's working on a laptop.
    - I've tried a few different browsers, not origami to be fair though, they all divert me to appworld when I click on the link so is a bit of a vicious circle lol
    - I also tried the link you sent early this morning, the app downloads and sideloads but keeps crashing so gave on that link for now
    - My flash is enabled so guess you're right and that it may an issue with SongPop itself, will give it a few hours/days and see what happens

    If all else fails I'll have to steal my wife's iPad (don't wanna join the darkside though)

    Thanks for all your support Chris

    Alex :-)
    09-27-13 08:51 AM

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