1. teknofish's Avatar
    Some Playbook apps won't see that I am connected to my home Wi Fi. It seems like programs that need to 'drip feed' data into them are worst effected. Stuff like Appy Geek or Showbox.

    Internet pages open fine as does email. Iv refreshed my network settings as much as I can and everything looks ok.

    It is not just sideloaded apps that are effected.

    Any ideas chaps?
    06-04-15 05:24 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Have you tried other networks....

    I found that my Playbook had issues from time to time with different routers. Had to replace my home routers and set it up with a particulate security type to get it to work consequently.
    06-04-15 07:53 AM

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