1. Old_Mil's Avatar
    I have a Playbook, we also have an iPad2...the last bit of fruit in our house. I consider the two tablets to be contemporaries in the marketplace, more or less. Ever since the iOS 7 upgrade, Safari absolutely stinks on getting iPad2. It is no better, and possible worse than the native PlayBook browser. It is absolutely worse than. Origami. Several people have made this observation, but nobody seems to know exactly why.

    Had to download an alternative browser - Mercury - to get decent browsing performance...granted that Mercury is still under active development and that the iPad2 is scheduled to get iOS 8 later this year...but some problems just happen when a device ages, regardless of the platform.

    I do wish Origami would go back into development, even as a paid app.
    06-12-14 11:40 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Strange... I used an iPad2 the other day. Browser seemed fine. Don't know what OS they had running, but I assume it would be up to date (and at lest it is still a supported devices that has gotten major updates to the OS and the major apps).

    I no way did it compare to the PlayBook's browser and check-boarding while scrolling. Tried to use my PlayBook the other day and quickly went back to my Z10, the screen is smaller but it is so much faster and works. Have to hit links four or five times to get them to open is way to stressful on the PlayBook.
    06-12-14 01:28 PM

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