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    One of the leisure things I like to use my playbook for besides browsing and listening to music, is playing an occasional game.

    Someone mentioned Bards Tale seemed to run slower on 2.1, so I decided to check it out for myself.
    Sure enough, the framerate looks to be ~5 - 8 fps slower. Its no longer nice and smooth 3d, but slightly choppy.
    You can see it right away when the drunks do their song or even moving around in the bar at the beginning of the game.

    I have a 16gb on 2.0 and a 32gb on 2.1
    Side by side, you can see the difference. Its not great, but its definitely there.

    I also played Modern Combat 3 on both. It takes longer to load the level on 2.1 than it does on 2.0.
    I didnt notice any framerate differences, but the load time is definately a bit longer on 2.1.

    When I have some more time, i'll test some games like Nova2 and Shadowgun.
    But... has anyone who does a bit of gaming on this platform, noticed anything else?

    10-05-12 10:23 PM

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