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    I'm a little confused.
    There is a workshop at Blackberry live for Android devs which advertises that they can write once and deploy to tablet, z10 and Q10. (Lab 201, see below).
    Looks like a crackberry front page article on the jam session agrees with me about this workshop signalling os10 to come to the playbook sooner rather than later as the article says devs usually get the tools a few months ahead of launch.

    Also, below an excerpt from a March 2013 article about a healthcare company in the UK trialing BB10 on Playbook before getting the Z10. So BB10 on Playbook must work fine as not only did Blackberry give those playbooks to the customer as a trial for the buy of z10s, the article also says the customer decided to buy more Playbooks as well as getting the z10s.

    Perhaps they will do this in June after the Q10 debuts in the US.

    "Case Study
    Midlands health trust trials BlackBerry 10 OS on PlayBook with Z10 roll-out
    Jennifer Scott

    BlackBerry is targeting a number of enterprises with its new mobile operating system – BlackBerry 10 – and one of the first organisations to sign up is the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT).

    The BSMHFT is one of the largest mental health trusts in the UK. Although it only serves a small number of inpatient units, its 4,500 staff treat many more in their homes across the region.

    As a result, it is very important to the trust to have a strong and reliable mobile strategy.

    “We have to be out and about to visit patients and it is fundamental that we can work whilst we are on the move,” says Stephen Asante-Boakye, head of technical services for the BSMHFT.

    “We do our best diagnosis and work when we are out with the patients so if we can see more people, we can diagnose more and help more, which is better for everyone.”

    The trust was already using BlackBerry for its remote workers – for email, calendar and secure connections to the back office – but wanted to raise its game.

    “We have used BlackBerry for a number of years for the usual features that everyone uses and we didn’t have too many lows. Moving to BlackBerry 10 can move our staff into an even more secure environment,” Asante-Boakye adds.

    The BSMHFT has been trialing the new system on 30 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets to give staff an idea of the new system.

    “BlackBerry 10 is a new way of working,” says Asante-Boakye.

    “Often with a new set of BlackBerrys in you could just give one to an employee and they can walk away, leave them alone and they will work it out. With BlackBerry 10 and a number of the new features, it is new to them...” "

    Midlands health trust trials BlackBerry 10 OS on PlayBook with Z10 roll-out
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    bumping this mother for awareness
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