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    I read across internet that many people got stuck in a endless boot screen when starting up the PB. I also got it and tested many hours. Here's my observation and my solution.

    When coming to the RED background in the boot screen, I usually have only few more seconds to wait until I see the password window. But most of the time in last few weeks, it passed to purple and do not boot up. While testing this morning, I noticed that when coming to red, I can take screen shot (VOL- + Vol+) and also that the screen dim. That tells the software is working and is only jammed by the boot screen animation.

    After 2hours of testing, my problem was the dimming action. My guess is that the dimming of the screen skip the boot screen animation removal. So we are stuck with it and only few functions (Power, DIM and Screenshots) work. All times I booted up under a powerful light my PB booted up normally. When it has been booted in low light, it dimmed and I got caught with endless boot screen.

    So remove the screen auto-dim option or boot up in a well lighted place!

    Hope it will help many people!
    08-15-12 12:51 PM
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    I've never seen the issue you are describing and I have booted and rebooted in all light conditions with the 4 PlayBooks I have owned.
    08-15-12 01:22 PM
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    That is interesting observation. I, also, have not heard a lot about this issue. If you still have a warranty, you might want to check with Rim.
    08-15-12 03:52 PM
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    Xop this is very interesting!

    My PB got stuck on that initial boot screen because I had placed all folders on the Dock and nothing under the Dock.

    That is - I had placed all my files in various Folders, and kept all Folders on the Dock.

    That crashed my PB only after I turned it off ..... because when I turned it back on I couldn't get past the animation screen.

    I then had to re-initialise my PB via Desktop Manager to get the PB going again.

    I reported this issue to BB PB support in Portugal - which is where Australians get transferred to for PB support.

    I don't know if this software glitch has been fixed or not ....
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    08-15-12 05:34 PM