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    I dingled by BBPB a week ago and have enjoyed side-loading many .bars and even installing native Android Apps by loading the Honeycomb Launcher. I'm playing with build and so far I'm impressed.

    There's still some kinks to fix and this is where my problem began.
    I was looking for a decent Twitter App for Playbook, including what the Android Market has to offer.

    Long story short, I found TweetCaster 5.1 and loved it. When I noticed that the latest version available was 5.5 on the Android Market, I erased the .bar version (long tap + erase) and downloaded the native Android version.

    Now here's where it gets funky and I want to see if there is a different fix than what I don't want to do:

    I erased TweetCaster 5.5 and went back to .bar 5.1 because I wanted to have the icon on my Playbook UI, not only within the Launcher UI.

    Now that I have erased and re-installed the app in both environments, there seems to be some conflicts because the app keeps crashing. Whether it's the side-load 5.1 .bar with DDPBInstaller or downloading the app from the Market, it keeps crashing.

    So: Can I compartmentalize wiping the Android Simulator/Player from the rest of my Playbook? Do I need to wipe the entire PlayBook? Will wiping the entire PlayBook clean the Android Simulator and fix my problem? Will wiping my BBPB un-dingle (un-root) my device and will I have to re-root it again?

    Yeah, it's a ton of questions, but I've been looking for the better part of 2 days and the internets are not answering.
    01-30-12 06:07 PM