07-20-13 01:29 PM
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  1. Sporatic's Avatar
    Samsung makes the nexus 10 tablet

    Posted via my Q10 SQN100-1
    Different updates though. Samsung is notorious for slow tablet updates, Nexus line gets them before anyone else which I'm sure you know.
    07-20-13 01:08 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Here you go - that is go in the opposite direction - shrink it even more:

    Review: Pebble watch is a great way to be bugged | Technology | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

    A watch that links to phones (not bb, of course) and provides alerts:

    "When you get a call, text, email or calendar reminder, the Pebble vibrates. You can set it to provide you with Facebook notifications, too. Because it's strapped to your wrist, it's a signal you can't miss, yet it's unnoticeable to anyone else. After a few days, I turned off the cellphone's ringer and vibrating alert - and left them off. The Pebble's vibrating alert was right for every situation.

    The Pebble also gives me the freedom to distance myself from the phone. Rather than carrying the bulky thing in my pocket so I could feel it vibrating, I leave it in my bag. At home, I leave it on the charging stand in the foyer."
    07-20-13 09:13 AM
  3. bounce007's Avatar
    How I see it, we are better off getting a Samsung Android tab or an iOS tab. At least we know that for the foreseeable future those tabs will be supported and not left out to dry. I won't be getting another BlackBerry tablet if one comes out in the next 2 years... after that... maybe, if we're still around.
    07-20-13 10:05 AM
  4. Tim1131's Avatar
    I picked up a acer iconia a1,810 poor man's ipad mini, quad core 16 gbs was going to to get a nexus 7 but liked the extra screen size, plus I've never had any problems with acer products have a few already, thank god no more checkerboarding ugh! The 810. Is very fast, deleted all the bloatware not much anyhow
    Only thing that I disliked about it
    was the screen was yellowish and not very bright went.to Google play downloaded a brightness app..... almost as white as the playbook now .
    For 200 bux its a good buy
    Best of luck in the search for a.new tablet
    07-20-13 01:07 PM
  5. Tim1131's Avatar
    Wish I was into tablets when hp had their fire sale on these!
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    07-20-13 01:29 PM
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