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    "Rim.Transcoder has stopped working"

    Im getting this issue when i plug in my pb and start desktop manager. As you can see it seems to be stuck in a loop and keeps opening that same window over and over again. I dunno if this is a problem with the PB, the Desktop Manager or my laptop.

    It doesnt seem to happen when i hook up my BB (or atleast it hasn't so far).

    any thoughts?
    01-06-12 12:53 PM
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    have you tried restarting the playbook and the computer?
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    01-06-12 01:40 PM
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    Not sure if it was you that posted the other thread, so I'll repost my findings here:

    From the Blackberry Support Forums:

    This is a compatibilty problem in windows Vista or Windows 7, Rim.Transcoder has to be changed to run as Admin and under windows XP SP 1 or 2, it's a Dos exe and will not run in windows 7 till you change the properities of file.

    Location C:\program files (x86)\research in motion\blackberry desktop and locate file rim.transcoder and right click properities, change compatibilty as per above and use run as admin.

    Close program and error will not occure.

    tested and works.
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    01-06-12 02:40 PM