1. bitek's Avatar
    How many ? Some say 1 million some say 4 million. 1 million would be pretty sad imo but 4 million sounds so much better. anyways, any clues ?
    09-18-12 06:45 AM
  2. Akuji_ism's Avatar
    RIM has already sold around 1,5 mln. PlayBooks so it can't be less than 1 mln.
    09-18-12 06:47 AM
  3. kill_9's Avatar
    Research In Motion refuses to state any numbers about the BlackBerry PlayBook. Since they wrote-down the inventory would the number of tablets be referenced in any of their publicly-filed accounting or securities or shareholder documents?
    09-18-12 09:22 AM
  4. Branta's Avatar
    As I remember, only the value of the write-down was stated. However it should be possible to determine an approximate number supposedly scrapped from that value and a reasonable guess at the per-unit valuation - probably cost-to-RIM rather than nominal retail value.
    09-18-12 10:36 AM
  5. peter9477's Avatar
    The write-down, as I recall, was actually a mere book-value adjustment based on updating an earlier estimate of the sale value of the inventory, to more closely match the new expected sale value.

    In other words, unless you know what the previous and updated per-unit values were, there's no way to use the dollar total (i.e. $X hundred million) to calculate anything...

    As an example: I have a bunch of cars, which I previously considered to be worth $500K. With the worsening market for used-car sales, I'm writing them down by $200K so I now feel they're worth only $300K. Now... how many cars do I have?
    09-18-12 11:19 AM
  6. bitek's Avatar
    I read somewhere in this forum that 4mil playbooks were produced by Rim. what was the write down. I am sure approximate # must be easy to calculate.

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    09-18-12 12:33 PM
  7. howarmat's Avatar
    The only number i know of is the original 1.5 million. There were hopes of selling 4 million last year but we all know how that went. They supposed halted production after the initial run but I am fairly certain they did produce more later on and on friday the 28th we should know for certain.
    09-18-12 01:02 PM