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    My PB bas a slight bulge out the back. I just got it 2 days now, but just noticed it today. The right side lays pretty much flat, but the left side has a wobble. My PB is the one with the raised buttons. Someone said on here that the new ones like that are supposed to have a bulge. Is this correct? Will the bulge damage my PB at all?
    02-06-12 01:52 PM
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    Please do a search on this topic. It's been covered to death.
    02-06-12 01:57 PM
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    I would call it a cosmetic defect. There are many opinions on the subject.
    The important thing is that it doesn't change shape while your using it. There have been two members that claim the bulge got larger after extended periods of use.
    I have 2 PB's that have a bulge and neither have changed since new. One bought in April and another this summer.
    You have a 1 year warranty so you can certainly return it if it bothers you or return it to the store and try again.
    We returned 3 through staples and all 3 had the same bulge. In a case you don't notice it all.
    02-06-12 02:05 PM
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    It likes You!
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    02-06-12 07:47 PM
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    02-06-12 07:49 PM