09-13-12 03:03 PM
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    It is because they (Microsoft) does not have the agent pointing to a mobile version of it. It is pointing to the Desktop version of it requiring plugins we dont have. Or at least that is what I have heard
    That makes quite alot of sense actually because what I did is it worked in Maxthon - so I copied the link to my PB browser and it started working in the PB browser - and my weblink address has 'InboxLight' in it, so it reads something like ...//blu002.mail.live.com/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=xxxxxxxxx

    Now I've added it as a favourite and just use that bookmark works fine for me
    09-13-12 03:44 AM
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    I had no problem using stock browser to get outlook.com to com . And yes I am using .840
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    09-13-12 03:03 PM
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