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    Now that we have incremental upgrades what happens if I skip one or two. Will I be able install say the third one that comes along? I regretted the last two upgrades so am choosing to skip this latest one. Will that cause problems down the road?
    10-10-11 10:32 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    The potential is there to cause problems, incremental updates only address what is needed at the time so say for example you did manage to skip an update and that update was crucial to WiFi working better, the next update wouldn't have that said files in it so you'd still have crap WiFi due to passing up the previous update.

    However, I don't think it's possible to just opt out or skip them and move on.
    10-10-11 10:38 PM
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    i think when it gives you the next update it will make sure to include the ones you skipped so you will have a larger file to download.

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    10-10-11 10:52 PM
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    I skipped the .2942 build that removed the leaked Android player functionality but gave in and got the most recent (.3312). I couldn't check for updates to show .3312 so started downloading .2942. It eventually gave me an error and I had to reboot so it then gave me .3312 but the file size was much larger than the 30mb that it should have been. It was around the 330mb mark so I'm guessing that it included both .2942 and .3312 in the upgrade. Based on this it seems like you won't be able to skip any updates.

    EDIT: which is exactly what erandhawa said but in a much more succinct way!
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    10-10-11 11:34 PM
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    thats not how it works.
    For OTA 'incremental' updates basically it updates every byte change compared to the previous version you have installed. When you do your update it will compare it to the previous version you had and do the update based on that.
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    10-10-11 11:38 PM